Horseback riding through volcanic jungles in Saint Lucia – Ep 3/4
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Horseback riding through volcanic jungles in Saint Lucia – Ep 3/4

August 23, 2019

These two rigids right there, that’s the volcano! Oh my god, Bradley have you ever been anywhere like this? Never! In my whole life. Yesterday, was probably one of the more incredible days of my life. We took a catamaran to get to St. Lucia. I’ve never been on one before. It’s nice to be out there all by ourselves. It’s an opportunity to spend some time with Bradley and really get to know him a little bit more. This was a way to kind of make a day off of it and really enjoy each other. Good morning guys! Good morning! What’s happening today Sarah? I figured our first day in St. Lucia we have to do something a little bit wild so we are going horseback riding in a volcano! Have you ever been horseback riding in a Volcano before? Driving in this morning it actually looked for a bit like we might not be able to pull this off. The clouds came in, it covered over, the rain started and then thankfully by the time we got here the sun came out and we basically couldn’t have a better day for this. Hi! Hi guys! How are you? Hey buddy! I’m so happy that I got in touch with Josh to organize this activity today. It is incredible here. Today, this is what we’re gonna be using. Old fashioned. To get up to the volcano? Yes! You can smell the sulphur from the volcano from here. Where is it? It’s like about less than a mile from here. Ok. That’s not gonna take us long on these guys. It should take us about 45 minutes. We’ll be there. Woah. Look at him! Haha! Is it a hard ride? It’s a little bumpy but the horses make it smooth all the way. This is Beyonce. She’s so pretty! Beyonce is not known to freelance and run wild? She’s just gonna be my girl? If you want her to she can. No no that’s cool with me. You look like the big guy so I’m gonna give you the Stallion man! You give me the Stallion? You’re taking care of me! Thanks for that! He likes Beyonce! You nervous? Are you that nervous? I am! What’s his name? I got to hold this? Yes, and swing on it. There you go. You feel it Bradley? Yeah yeah. You get the groove? You got this man. You got this. Troy was given a couple tricked poneys and had a bit of a though go getting in. I want off, I don’t trust this guy. You don’t trust him? No! I don’t. Troy, does that feel better? Much better! Debbie is pregnant you know eh? I know! I have so much to say about this day. We started out with a two hour ride, that’s almost kind of one of my favorite part. The transportation. We had mountains, we were in the rain forest, it’s visually stimulating. We had this weather that was creating this beautiful mist in the morning. We were really worried that we were not actually gonna be able to go up and have that volcano experience on horseback When the horse arrived I thought it would be so easy but it’s totally not. It’s a full body workout. I can’t even feel my legs. Oh my god…Bradley have you ever been anywhere like this? Never in my whole life. These two rigid right there, that’s the volcano. When it erupted, the whole thing, all that would have been right here. When it erupted this whole thing broke off and created this valley. And it’s the only volcano in the world that you can drive into? Only volcano in the world that you can drive, ride, walk… Alright! Let’s head to the volcano! It’s that way! Oh look! you don’t listen. You don’t listen Debbie! Be good Debbie. Go Debbie! Let us go! I can’t really say if Bradley as been on a horse before but he actually took to it quite well after I think he got over the initial fear. Troy, on the other hand, might not be getting back on a horse any time soon. The horse is not listening to me. I feel like maybe I didn’t take enough time to connect with my pregnant horse Debbie. But anyway, this horse is galloping behind the rest, we’re following them real fast. How did this actually get formed like this? We are in the crater right? Yeah, when the volcano erupted this whole piece here fell out and went into the sea. It created a valley which you can drive up and just experience this beautiful volcano. That’s crazy. That’s the valley you live in! Yes? Yes, we live right there! All that water you see there that actually goes down into the pools where you find the sulphur springs. That’s where I’m gonna throw one of you guys in later. I volunteer! Me too! me too! Oh that’s real hot! Jacuzzi hot! Troy! Oh my god! Haha! Sarah’s activities always seem to be the most fun. She chooses things that are challenging that she knows are gonna push her limits and there is and enjoyment for me in being pushed like that and I do feel like my limits were pushed. I know that I did horseback riding when I was younger but today was the real test because we were doing it all by ourselves. It was pretty amazing. Overall today couldn’t be any better, we’re wrapping it up here on the beach and I hope the boys had a good time. Orlando! He’s all about the love! So are we. Already I can tell it’s gonna be a great day cooking with him.

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