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Horseback Riding

October 27, 2019

Abby: If I was riding a horse in a fairy tale,
I might be riding off into an enchanted forest, or flying off to my magical castle, or maybe
we’re even going into battle together. But riding horses is actually a lot of hard
work and these guys know exactly what I’m talking about. [music] What do you have to do to get Andy ready for
you to ride? I have to brush him and then I have to put
his saddle pad on, saddle, girth and an active bridle. [music] Abby: So what should I do first? First you’re going to get up on the mounting
block and then you’re going to put your foot in the stirrup. Abby: My left foot? Yep. And then you’re going to swing over and
land softly on her back and then always look where you’re going. Abby: Okay Perfect. [music] Abby: So if you and your horse were in a fairy
tale, what would the storyline be? Probably he’d probably be a unicorn and
like it be like we’d go into like battle or something. Abby: Oh. A mystical knight I guess, yeah. [music] Abby: Now, I understand that you can’t see
as well as I can, right? Yeah. Abby: Tell me about that. I’m just visually impaired. Abby: So how does that impact the way you
ride a horse? I just don’t pay attention through my eyes,
I just go with the flow. [music] Abby: Why do you think horses are used in
fairy tales so much? I think they’re used in fairy tales because
they’re just so like, not everyone gets to do it and so I feel like the specialty of
being able to ride a horse and being in a fairy tale is awesome. [music]

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