Horsepower vs. Pony Power | Mercedes-Benz EQ @ Tech Open Air 2019
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Horsepower vs. Pony Power | Mercedes-Benz EQ @ Tech Open Air 2019

December 3, 2019

When you first hear this sense of “Let’s talk about horses and what they have to do with mobility,” you scratch your head and you are like: “What? This doesn’t make any sense.” See like a pony. Very simple. I find the fact that Mercedes-Benz are using horses in a research wonderful, because it’s divergent thinking. They want to make nonverbal communication visible.

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  3. Dr Dieter Zetsche recently said that Mercedes car buyers don’t care about what engine is in a Mercedes only enthusiasts do. That is entirely and UTTERLY wrong!!!!Mercedes Benz engines are purchased for superior pedigree, safety, performance, reliability, heritage and brand confidence. We DO NOT want a Renault engine or a Nissan engine or body, we want “Mercedes” designed, engineering and manufacturing!!!!! Not one owner wants a non Mercedes engine in the X Class or a Nissan Navara body. I will wait for a Mercedes designed and powered X Class instead. This dangerous thinking compromises the Mercedes brand in every way and begs the question, if this is allowed to continue, what IS a Mercedes Benz if it’s not designed and manufactured to Mercedes exacting standards??? Respectfully I’m very thankful for Dr Dieter Zetsche’s contribution but this mindset cannot be part of the future of Mercedes Benz !!!!!

  4. Normally i’m a Mercedes fan.
    But the EQC is ugly!!!
    If all electic cars will be like this, i will buy a Audi or BMW.

  5. Mercedes ads are the kind of ads you would see in the super bowl,except the g-wagon in tree jelly,that wasn’t an ad,it was an experience

  6. I would much prefer if the EQC would for one : be a hydrogen vehicle , for second : not an SUV. Zero emissions on an electric vehicle are not totally true.

  7. hoert sich an, als haettet ihr den gong endlich gehoert! how about "" oder "" "" oder gar "" ! – sonst is alles schoen. der thai baht wird billiger!

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