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HORSES ★ Funny Horse Videos [Funny Pets]

August 18, 2019

Funny Horse Videos Match 2014 Thank you for watching
Funny Horse Videos Match 2014

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  1. You can laugh at someone if they didn't get hurt and if they're laughing at themselves because they know what they did was funny. But if someone actually got hurt, it's not funny anymore. 

  2. If a horse didn't wanna do it, it wouldn't. Humans can't win a physical fight with a 1000 pound animal, so quit your bitching. I've been riding and working with horses since I was seven, the horses are o-fucking-kay.

  3. Funny videos but one person weren't wearing a riding hat. Plus, falling off is hilarious because I've fallen of about 5 times at least and the worst injury as when a horse stood on my knee but I quickly recovered

  4. Lol people say horses are sweet animals and would do nothing to hurt us. Well, thats true if you know what youre doing. Id say about more than half of these people love horses but really dont know anything about them. Ive been riding for a while and hey, accidents happen.

  5. on the last one i had almost the same experience. my horse did a close hault and i slid down his neck, i was worried about him so after the lesson i gave him a treat :>

  6. Idc that they fell, if you're really riding, you're going to fall. That's just how it goes. I just wish that they were wearing helmets.

  7. Horses should not be wearing blankets! Idiots don't know about horse thermo-regulation? smh Yes, these girls were laughing about falling, but the discomfort they are putting on the horse is NOT funny. 

  8. People who think horses are helpless creatures have half a mind as they probably were never kicked in the face by one. Mind I haven't ever ridden a horse except once when I was very young but all I'm saying is that I know horses are super strong.

  9. OMG,  if a rider doesn't wear a helmet, ITS THEIR CHOICE! personally, i ALWAYS wear one, but people have different reasons for it 😀 so before you jude, just think about what their reasoning might be before you judge them 😀 thank you and good evening

  10. On my Youtube channel you will find a horse. Trying to eat a banana. Drink milk. and this one:

    its awesome 😀

  11. When people fall it's not funny it's painful and extremely dangerous I've been riding for 10 years so almost all my life

  12. Se forgot to wear a helmet and the rolling in the snow was cute but some of the people fell and really that's just the way life is some horses personalities on people riding them are different then others, besides if u don't wear the proper clothes its your fault and your bound to fall of just sayin 😛

  13. Nice. I have race horse videos on my channel. They're at the farm.
    I'll check out your channels. Just drop a comment.

  14. This is the exact reason I gave up jumping years ago! I've fallen off to many times and as a kid I would bounce and get back on, but as an older adult, I'm paying for those times I hit the ground! Glad to see riders having fun with their horses and able to get back up and do it again!

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