Horses and bosses Ep 6 | Complete Beginners Guide | Xbox One & PC
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Horses and bosses Ep 6 | Complete Beginners Guide | Xbox One & PC

October 20, 2019

What is up guys. Kira here, Welcome back to episode 6 of the
ultimate new player series. The idea of this series is that Black Desert
is such a complicated game and yet information is quite hard to come by, with guides all
over the place, no actual start to finish consistent content explaining every single
detail of the game you need to know, as you need to know it. So this is what I’m trying to do. Each video is 10 to 15 minutes long so I try
to keep them in bite sized chunks, packed with information about a specific set of topics
each episode, so it’s easy to go find what you’re looking for or just start from scratch
as a new player and follow along as you progress. Also sorry for the wait for continuing the
series if you have been following. This episode today is going to be about horses
and bosses. Yeah two things that aren’t even remotely
connected to each other, unless you count the fact that if you get a good horse you
can run to bosses easier? Sure let’s go with that. Bosses in Black Desert online are different
to what some of you will be used to and fall under a few different categories, there’s
scroll bosses, field bosses and world bosses. We’ll go over each in this video, as well
as what are the differences of horses, why does this matter, what you should aim for
and how do you get them. First up let’s talk about horses, in BDO the
difference between a good horse and a great horse really is night and day difference and
there are a bunch of super confusing factors that play into how good a horse actually is. Horses come in different tiers, 1 through
to 9, with 9 being the best possible in the game at this time also refered to as dream
horses. Horses also have skills, stats and levels,
with 30 being the highest level. To get a horse you have three options, option
one is to tame your own horse. This is great for leveling up the training
lifeskill because it gives way more experience than leveling horses. To tame a horse you’ll need four things, Beginner
level 5 training which can be raised by riding around the donkey you get at the starter quest
line or any other mount. The location map of where to find horses,
some sugar lumps which you can produce yourself by heating 10 raaw sugar and 1 mineral water
purchased at a cook NPC and the last thing being capturing rope purchased from any stable
npc. After you have these things you simply go
to a horse location, put your rope and sugar on your hotbar, slowly approach the horse
and aim at it with your mouse, pressing the hotkey for the rope and your character will
start to swing it around like a lasso, moving slowly. When you’re ready to throw the rope press
left click and you’ll get a meter show up, press space bar to land within the blue area
to succeed. Once the lasso is around the horse you need
to move towards it but only while the horse is standing with all 4 legs on the ground,
if it rears up with the front legs in the air then press space bar and keep the meter
in the win area by repeatedly hitting space, make sure you keep doing this until the meter
vanishes off your screen. Keep moving to the horse as before, once you’re
close enough you’ll see an interact circle appear over the horse, now you wait and feed
the horse sugar lumps, just watch the cooldown and give it a few seconds in between each
feed. Some people recommend doing this 4 times,
but you can try it out yourself how much you need. After you’re happy with the amount of sugar
lumps given to the horse, move to the side of the horse and press interact to jump on
board your new friend. If successful you’ll mount the horse, if not
it will kick you and you have to start again. It is possible to tame the horses with no
sugar, this is a topic of much debate but different things work better or worse for
different people. This is just a general idea. Once you mount the horse, to finish making
it yours you must go to any stable and register the horse, this is then yours. Horses found in the wild can be between tiers
1 and 5, male or female. I’ll leave a link to some text guides in the
description as always and the resources you’ll need to determine which horses are what tier,
gender and where to find them. Now the second way to get horses is to simply
buy them on the horse marketplace found at stable NPCs in major cities. You can filter the marketplace using tier,
skills and more. The third way is sometimes for returning or
loyalty rewards the developers give you a free horse emblem which you can then take
to any stable and register. I think most new or returning players now
days will get a tier 5 horse emblem. Of course on top of this there’s also breeding,
which I think is best I leave your parents to explain to you. There are calculators online to show the best
possible combination of levels between the male and female horses to increase likelihood
or getting a higher tier horse from breeding and I suggest you use this if you plan to
do that. In reality all you need to breed is a male
and a female horse which has breed available, you can tell on the stable screen if this
is the case. Females can breed once and males twice as
standard. There are pearl items to supplement this,
link on screen for more about this in my pearl shop guide. To breed you’ll choose your horses in the
breeding interface at a stable and then wait for an hour before returning to find the result. You can also exchange two horses to give you
an instant breed but it consumes both parents and makes a new horse. Now of course that’s just getting a horse,
what else? You’ll also have to level a horse by riding
them around for hours upon hours, you can do this by using wagons for multiple horses
or a single horse at a time. You’ll want to do this afk, set a waypoint
to run to and set the auto loop function. Do this of course in only safe areas. Also if you do a single horse at a time it’s
slower than doing 4 on a wagon but faster than doing 2 on a wagon and for a single horse
you’ll need to have carrots to regen stamina, tick the box to make sure the game consumes
these when required. And why level horses? Well horses based on tier have certain abilities
they can have. Each time a horse levels up they have a chance
to learn a skill from the available pool. There are ways to increase the chances your
horse becomes good and once you get a level 1 tier 8 horse it’s highly recommended you
purchase mount skill change coupons from the shop and use a method of removing skills at
the right times to increase the chances your horse becomes a courser by level 30. I’ll not go into details on this as it is
probably far into the future for newer players and I’ll include it in my t9 horse guide that
will follow at some point in the future. The only thing you need to know here really
is that there are a combination of skills that make horses insanely good compared to
others. These skills are drift and instant acceleration,
with sprint being closely behind these two. Now the difference between a horse with these
skills and without? Let’s take a look. So as you can see, this is insanely OP. Now horses also gain random stats based on
a percentage per level and the higher stats the better, but a horse without these overpowered
skills regardless of stats will just flat out be worse. So when aiming for a horse you want to prioritise
things in the over of skills over stats. Now on top of this, horses can become coursers
which is a term for when a horse has a predefined set of skills which the devs set, these horses
have a filled in gold icon in the menu. They’ll cost more money and give an extra
skill to babies born from using them in breeding. Horses are a very complex topic and I’d say
if you’re just looking to get a fast horse to run around on, spend whatever you can spare
on a horse with instant accel and drift. After this if you want to future proof yourself,
you’ll want a tier 8 courser, stats don’t massively matter here. The reason being a tier 8 courser is the best
horse in the game until t9, which you can only get by spending 10-13 billion silver
to buy one, or transform your tier 8 courser into one. T9 horses also known as dreams, are set named
horses which required 350 plus million silver per attempt to transform. People typically take 30+ attempts to get
one and there are currently three varients in the game. Doom, the fire combat horse, Ardunatt the
flying pegasus horse and Din� which is a unicorn support mount that can also run through
the desert at full speed, using all skills. The materials needed for this and process
I’ll leave a link to in the description as it doesn’t server this video so early on and
I will later have a guide on dream horses but for now, I think we’ve covered everything
you need to know for horses. But as always if I’ve missed something, let
me know and we’ll go over it in a future episode. Now onto bosses, the reason for the delay
of this video is that I am almost never at my computer at the times bosses spawn so unfortunately
this part of the guide will be missing boss footage to go along with me talking about
it. I apologise for this but it’s the reason I
delayed this video until now and if I have to wait until I can reliably be at my computer
at a time when bosses spawn, that will delay the series probably another week or so. So having said that firstly the scroll bosses,
these are designed to be solo’d and come in three forms. There’s the daily quests, the weekly quests
and scrolls made up by items found in the world or purchased. Daily and weekly bosses work based on your
main quest line progress and some are unlocked by certain knowledge. After you get the boss quests unlocked, you’ll
have to do a small quest before the scroll is given to you, until you have knowledge
of whatever they require and then you can skip this quest and just be given the scrolls. When choosing the scrolls you’ll have a choice
of a normal boss scroll or an awakened piece. Awakened pieces are harder bosses with higher
drop chance but of course take longer to build up. The bosses you can pick from daily and weekly
are different from each other. Pick whichever works best for you, there are
a bunch of different ones ranging from different zones. Since it would take forever to explain how
each of these quests unlock I’d say that you go to the bdo database websites and check
them out individually. You can also get some of these scrolls as
drops from certain mobs in the world. They have a chance to drop accessories or
boss gear depending on the boss, such as Altar Imp summon scroll will summon dastard bheg
and has a chance to drop bheg’s gloves. After using the summon scroll at the location
it points you to, you’ll have a chance to loot the boss, then you have to summon your
black spirit to complete the quest, which then gives you reward bundles. Opening these also has a chance to give you
the boss items. Likely you’ll get blackstones, some trash
items, silver and hunters seals. Hunters seals you can exchange at NPCS for
enhancement items like blackstones and armor or weapon reform stones. Boss scrolls purchased would be Ancient relic
crystal shards, scrolls written in an ancient language and forbidden books. You take 5 of the same item, put them in a
cross shaped pattern and it creates a boss summon scroll. These scrolls are the way most people farm
memory fragments. Now field bosses spawn on random servers,
at random times. I know, super useful right? They have set spawn locations and will spawn
on 20 random servers at a time, excluding Arsha and olvia channels. Field bosses have set spawn windows, so after
killed or despawned they have a certain amount of time until they can possibly spawn again,
and once in this window will spawn at a random time up until the window closes. Field bosses will be announced on screen as
they spawn but this is the worst possible way to know if they’re spawning. What I suggest if you’re interested in doing
bosses is to go to the discord links in the description of this video, they have channels
dedicated to telling you which servers bosses spawn on, what the possible spawn times are
and everything you need to know. Field bosses require a large number of people
to kill and it is likely as a new player you will die to these a lot, they hit hard, most
have 1 shot abilities and learning their attack patterns will be massively beneficial to you. They can be a good source of money though,
or saving you money if you need boss gear. Loot is a really weird topic here but suffice
to say they have set loot tables per boss and you can sometimes get mega lucky and get
most of the good items on the loot table at the same time. After this there are world bosses, these also
require a lot of people and thankfully spawn on a set time table and on all channels except
arsha and olvia at the same time, sharing a health pool across all channels, with the
exception of vell who does not share a health pool. The timetables can be found online, the boss
discords above also announce spawns, and there’s a super useful site online that shows upcoming
bosses, allows you to enable sounds that play at different times when left in the background
to let you know when bosses are coming up so you don’t miss out. Again they have set loot tables per boss and
you’ll want to focus whichever ones you need items from mostly. Certain bosses spawn way less frequently,
such as Vell which is a once a week spawn on Sunday afternoons. Again with the idea of loot, it’s mostly random…But
the top percentage of damage done is said to increase your chances to get loot. Now days bosses can and will despawn due to
less people doing them since the central market made most boss items way less valuable versus
the time to get over there and kill them just for a chance, have no fear though because
damaging them before despawn also puts you in with a chance for loot. Bossing isn’t anywhere near as good as it
used to be in my opinion, but some bosses such as Garmoth and Vell do drop items that
are valued at multiple billions, so they are worth going to if you have the time just for
the chance that you get them as they are best in slot items and can masssively alter your
progression very quickly. A common theme across all bosses, don’t go
to them on a character with expensive crystals in items as you will die and they can and
will break. Also if you’re leveling up currently and have
percentage exp you don’t want to lose, I would suggest avoiding bosses. Lots of people for these reasons use boss
alts that they leave logged out at boss areas with mediocre gear just to log in and do the
boss and log out, as travelling all over the world multiple times per day can get a bit
much.. And that’s where we tie in this episode…Right? Good horses are fast, so you can run between
bosses? Ha, got em. Now that’s it for this one guys, I’m not sure
exactly what will be in next episode as I’m starting to run out of ideas…There’s tons
of things to talk about but what exactly will fill an episode and be something people need
to know is the real question. If you have suggestions, let me know in the
comments or come join me in discord. As always, I’ll see you on the next one. Peace.

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