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Horses Doing It

August 31, 2019

-What’s going on here, Cheryl? -We’re gonna check this mare
to see if she’s ready to breed. She’s come into heat. So, we’re going to
have her checked and see if she’s ready
to breed yet. -What’s your name?
-Leroy Kent. -Mr. Leroy Kent, can you tell me
what your job is here? -Uh… my title is stud manager. -You’re the man
I want to talk to, then. I mean, what happens when they get this mare
all ready to go? -Well, we have to
get her ready. She has to be ready to breed. And we, you know,
put hoppers on her to protect the stud,
in other words. And we usually just
bring her out here and one person hold the mare, and then I go in,
bring the stud out, and he take care of the
rest of it. -What’s the shortest time you ever saw
a stud take care of a mare? -38 seconds. -38 seconds? He mounted and he, uh… -He did his job
in 38 seconds. -You’re going with Flying Rich,
I hear. Well, Flying Rich gonna look
forward to going with you too, I suppose. Yeah. Nice horse. Good babe. -We wash the mare
to make sure that her vulva and her butt
are all clean so that when the stallion penetrates her, he’s not taking any dirt in. Mares are very susceptible
to getting uterine infections, so you want everything
as clean as possible so that she doesn’t
get infected. -So you protect both horses?
-Correct. -Interesting process. There’s more to a stud
making it with a mare than meets the eye.
-Uh… right. We get so many different
mares in here to breed from different farms and such. You never know what diseases
could be brought in. -What’s the usual mating time? -It normally doesn’t take more than
a couple minutes. Depends on the stallion’s libido. Some stallions might
take an hour. -Really?
They’re in it for an hour? -Well, no, it just take them
that long to get ready. -I heard them called studs, but I didn’t know they were that good. -Hate to bother you, but can you tell us
what you’re doing now? -Okay, I’m washing the mare
to make sure that her vulva and the outside
is clean so that when the stallion
breeds her, that he’s not taking any
dirt or bacteria in with him to infect her uterus. Her tail is wrapped
to make sure that the tail here stays
out of the way, because they could get inside,
carry debris, or they could scratch
the stallion’s penis. -I don’t think Flying Rich
would be happy getting his… equipment scratched. -No, I don’t think so. It might turn him off
from the next one. -What’s the name of this mare? -This is Little Petal. -Little Petal’s getting ready
for Flying Rich. This ought to be really great. Now you’re putting these
straps on the horse. What does that do? -These are breeding hobbles
that we put on the mares to protect the stallion
from kicking– from the mare from
kicking the stallion. If she decides
that she’s got a headache, this protects him
from getting hurt. -Gonna see how the horse is doing now. Seeing how they make it
with the horses in Illinois. Boy, Mr. Kent will be bringing out
his horse soon. That stud will be coming
out here very shortly, and we’ll see how it’s done. Now, what are you holding
on this horse’s lip? -A twitch. It’s a twitch.
-And what does a twitch do? -It just, uh,
helps to control her. Some horses need it,
some horses don’t. We will use it anyway. -Little Petal got
a nice set of teeth. -Just to restrain her is all. -Okay, babe. You’re getting ready
for the action now, huh? -One take.
-One take. You don’t get a
second chance at this, Pat. You better check your film. -You might want to
stand back now. -Yeah. Here comes the stud. Here comes Flying Rich. [horse bellowing] Hey, Pat. Pat. [horse whinnies] -(woman) She’s bred.
Hopefully she’ll conceive. Um, we’ll breed her again
in about 48 hours if she’s still in heat. -They got together
and they did their thing. And they’ll know in 48 hours
if it took and if it didn’t take, then Flying Rich and Little Petal
get together again and they do what folks do.
They make it. And then in about three years,
we’ll know if we have a winner out here in… You’re doing your job. How many seconds did that take?
It sure didn’t seem long. -I don’t know.
I wasn’t timing that one. -My goodness, it wasn’t long at all.
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  1. You don't want you vauble chapion show horse with a broken leg or two because a mare kicked . Horses did it almost the same way , but in the old times horses could get infected easily by dirt and other thing (other than the stallion ) going in them .

  2. cant show it? fuckin weak.
    is it wierd i've seen a horse fuck a grown man but i never seen two horse doing it

  3. LOL an educational video and they blacked out the actual breeding part. i hate this world and it's perverted views on reproduction. if they have to censor horses breeding then there's something fundamentally wrong with human thinking.

  4. Do you think the horse is thinking, "Oh God, I'm being raped!" Obviously not. Sexual immorality doesn't exist outside of the human species.

  5. Oh God. I'm talking within non-human mammalia species, not bestiality. People who breed animals because it is their PASSION are concerned about the animals welfare and do not do it to make big bucks. Yes, people will kill their own kind so they don't have to go through with labor, too. It's controversy. Fact over morale nowadays.

  6. Mark 1: 14 Now after John was put under arrest Jesus went into Gal´i•lee, preaching the good news of God 15 and saying: The appointed time has been fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has drawn near. Be repentant, YOU people, and have faith in the good news.

  7. ANOTHER thing. What's the difference between horses and humans having sex? Fucking nothing. Where the fuck did you get the idea of "air being pushed in" from? My god, you really are one dumb bitch.

  8. I wasn't talking about all that. I was talking about the reporter who seemed overly excited to see horses fucking. I'm sure all that you said has some truth to it, but that wasn't what I was talking about.

  9. 04:07 for what shall that be? controling the mare? first that "washing", then hobbling and least that stick at her mouth . . . give the mare some dope, so she has a reason to have fun at all that video is crime

  10. How stupid blacking out penetration…one of the most natural things in the world. Stupid. That presenter was getting off to that as well.

  11. They showing a dick swaing all around the screen but they doesnt show when it dissapare.. doesnt make any sense at all.

  12. This old dude is hilarious. Basically she is Washing or douching before. Also all this work for animals but i guess these are prize winners and there are people who have jobs taking care of them so they are doing their jobs. In the old days the horses just did whatever. I guess this is like Arranged marriages.

    Way kool though

  13. @horsesrule888
    This is not a fart. When penis go in the air from the vagina go out and sounds like a fart. It is same with humans doing it doggy style.

  14. they should let horses at least meet face to face before breeding. So it doesnt look like jump on jump off and leave. she didnt even see father of her foal…

  15. this is barbaric breeding. hobbling the mare… if she's not ready, she's not ready! no need to just let the stallion rape her rather than taking a few kicks.

  16. Those people shouldn't be breeding. She just had a baby (you can see it at the beginning) and breeding a mare several seasons in a row is horrible for their body. and wtf is up with the reporter?

    But just saying the straps on the legs is a common practice to protect the stallion. Even when in heat some mares still kick

  17. No one has commented on the irony of the interviewer being name "Joe CUMMINGS"? Surely someone has …

  18. what an idiotic worthless presentation. As someone who is in the horse breeding business professionally I watch this and just shake my head.

  19. what an idiotic worthless presentation. As someone who is in the horse breeding business professionally I watch this and just shake my head.

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