Horses on the Runway, Single Pilot IFR & Icing, Flying 7 Hours in One Day
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Horses on the Runway, Single Pilot IFR & Icing, Flying 7 Hours in One Day

August 17, 2019

(rock music plays) – So I had a fun time
last night, flying around with Jack Wiegand. Check that out if you missed it, he was the youngest person to fly solo around the world before I was. Now today we’re gonna go
fly over to Spruce Creek. This cool little private fly-in community. And grab lunch with some people. Fly Bobby Breeden up to Georgia and then head up to North Carolina to meet Chris Palmer for some barbecue. And then head back to Lawrence. Okay, lights are on, trims set for takeoff cowl flaps are open, flaps
are good, prop’s full forward. We’ll go in with the mixture when we
get on the runway here. Okay, there’s the mixture. We’re comin in with the
prop to help us turn. There we go, some nice
left turning tendencies. Hold the nose off just slightly and we’ll glide right on off. Okay so we’re off, this was Sarasota, Florida. Now we’re goin down to Spruce
Creek which is basically by Daytona Beach, just
southwest of Daytona Beach. -[ATC] November seven hotel papa contact Tampa Departure -[Matt] Seven hotel papa over to departure, good day The indentifier we’re going
to, the airport we’re going to is 7 foxtrot lima 6. It’s this huge fly-in community, really cool. It was a World War II naval base I think it was built in… -[ATC] November seven hotel papa, you can proceed on course, I believe you’re going to Spruce Creek? -[Matt] That’s affirmative, we’ll go on course, seven hotel papa, thank you It was a naval base built
in, or opened in 1943 during World War II. And uh We just lost the alternator… Ok it’s this really cool fly-in community. It was a naval base in World War II. For like training and
stuff, and now it’s this fly-in community with like
I’ma say a few thousand residents and just like
tons of homes and airplanes. It’s just like miles of taxiways. And they’ve got this 4000 foot runway. They’ve got an RNAV approach,
all kinds of cool stuff. Yeah so today’s gonna be a
pretty fun, long day of flying. And we’re going into
some really cool airports Spruce Creek, and then we’re
gonna drop Bobby off at this little private grass strip on
a private island in Georgia. And then fly up to this cool airport with a good barbecue restaurant
apparently up in North Carolina. Meet Chris Palmer up there. Angle of Attack, if you haven’t
seen his stuff check it out. He’s doin some, he’s
getting his CFII up there. So just, and then up to Lawrence so just lots of fun today. Spruce Creek traffic (beep) Bonanza seven hotel papa short final runway 6, Spruce Creek. -[Alert] Traffic, 11
O’clock, high, one mile. -[Matt] The restaurant’s right up here and we gotta go around the
corner to transient parking. It’s so cool how busy this
is, like there’s so many so much activity, so many people. It’s really cool. (upbeat music) So all of these houses
have like a road on one side and then a taxiway on the other side, which is just insanely cool. So you’d, you know, drive up
to your house on this side get in your hangar and go fly. (upbeat music) -[Bobby] Alright what’s the wind like up there? -[Bobby’s Dad] Nothin bad like what we’ve had. – Alright we’ll just land… -[Bobby’s Dad] Land to
the south or southwest. – Alright we’ll land, we’ll
land towards the house. We’ll do a, we’ll clear the horses and… Alright see you in an hour, bye. -[Matt] Spruce Creek traffic,
Bonanza 7 hotel papa at the big tree taxiing runway 24 Spruce Creek. – Yeah, so this
place is pretty cool. I mean “pretty cool” is
an understatement really. It’s got what, 1600 houses here. And about 800 airplanes,
just a ton of really really cool stuff. -[Bobby] Yeah, I mean, this is really the lifeblood of general aviation here. Everybody lives it, breathes
it, does it everyday. People move here because
they love airplanes and they loving flying for fun. The weather’s generally good
just by nature of it being Florida. – And so I guess it is
open to the public in so much as you can fly
in to go to the restaurant. -[Bobby] Yeah that’s
correct, so it says private but that really means that
they don’t want people doing any commercial operations
out of here. -[Radio] Spruce Creek traffic, Bonanza
3 4 bravo romeo, downwind 24 Spruce Creek -[Matt] So we’re gonna go right here. – Yeah correct, you’ll follow
this line to the right. They don’t want, you know,
flight instructors coming here and doing touch and go’s
with their students. Unless they live here,
of course, then that’s 100% acceptable doing that. There is a private GPS approach into here. -[Matt] And I guess if you do fly-in go to the website, it’s just
the identifier And they’ve got all kinds
of info on the procedures. Cause you’ll, you’ll
probably wanna look at a taxi diagram at least just to figure out like where transient parking
is and stuff like that. – Yeah there are.. – cause there’s
an awful lot of taxiways – There’s a lot, there
are 450 hanger homes that are integrated into the taxiways so all of the, the taxiways and the roads they mesh like this so the front of the house will
be a road where you park your car and the back of your
house would be the taxiway where you pull out of the hangar. -[Radio] Spruce Creek
traffic, Bonanza 3, 4, bravo romeo, base 24, Spruce Creek. -[Matt] See now that sign
says 92. – [Bobby] And that’s what you’re on? – [Matt]
That’s what I have. The chart says 97. -[Bobby] Yeah we’ll go with 92. -[Matt] So here I’ll monitor 97 too. I guess they just changed the
CTAF frequency a couple months ago so nobody’s quite sure
what the right one is. -[Bobby] There he’s pullin off. Final’s clear. -[ATC] Spruce Creek traffic,
Bonanza 7, hotel, papa is departing runway 24 Spruce Creek. -[Matt] That’s so cool, this
is all Spruce Creek down here. -[Bobby] Yup. -[Matt] Yeah Approach Bonanza
367 hotel papa is just off Spruce Creek like
the shore line northbound. -[ATC] Roger seven hotel papa BE36, what’s your requested altitude and do you
want a code for the charlie or flight following -[Matt] I guess we, we’d like both but we’d like to go up to 6500. We’re currently at 1100
just over this shore line above the banner tow. -[ATC] Roger I
see you there, so continue northeast bound, if you can,
off shore just a little bit for our departure corridor out of Daytona,
what’s your destination and uh you said you want 6500? -[Matt] 7, hotel, papa, that’s affirm. (to Bobby) and what’s the nearest airport? -[Bobby] Uh it’s Fernandina Beach. -[Matt] And we’re headed up
towards Fernandina Beach 7, hotel, papa. Yeah so where are we goin?
It’s like this little uncharted grass airport on
a private island in Georgia. – That’s, that’s correct,
mostly correct the the island used to be all
private it’s since become like 99% of it is a national park now. Cumberland Island but,
you know, friends have property on there with,
grass runway 3300 foot private runway. It runs, it’s in the center of the island runs mostly eastwest, you
know, good, firm ground. A little bit sandy, as I was saying but so whenever we land there are
wild horses on the island. Last I heard there was about
I think, I may be wrong but I think 200 wild horses on the island. And they roam everywhere, up and down this 12 mile long island there’s, you know there’s no fences
anywhere on the island so. This is the only field
so sometimes they will congregate in the field. But so what we have to do is,
we have to do a low approach to clear the horses and
get them out of the way. And this has to be done
every single time you land. Even if you took off five
minutes ago you still have to do it. And but the thing about the
horses is pretty much always expect them to go whichever way they are pointed. So if they’re on the
right side of the runway but they’re facing the runway be prepared for them to run
to run across the runway. So umm that is one of the more interesting
things about this place. -[Matt] That’s awesome. – [Bobby] Yeah! It’s, it’s fun. – And I guess also I
should just introduce you. So this is Bobby Breeden. – I’ll take off my glasses here. – He’s kind of known for
doin some pretty fun stuff in airplanes up in Alaska. Doing like short field stuff,
glaciers, all kinds of really, the really cool kind of flying that you can find up in Alaska. Now he’s an airline pilot. – Yep. – I don’t know, what else? – I grew up flying out of
my front yard with my dad in a Piper Super Cub he
bought the year I was born. And just, you know, grew up with it. And eventually started
flying in Alaska with him. He taught me how to, you
know, fly off airport landing on glaciers,
mountains, gravel bars beaches, everything. You know, we have the
big 35 inch bush wheels and it’s really the only
way to explore the state is via airplane cause
there’s no way to drive around that stuff. You can’t really hike it, you know? There’s a saying up there, it’s
“fly an hour or walk a week” so airplanes are the means
of transportation in Alaska. So I did some competitions up there. The Valdez Short Takeoff
and Landing Competition I won that five times, have
the record in two different classes for shortest
takeoff and landing combined. Then I started teaching at a I was working for a
company that had a contract with the military teaching army pilots how to identify off airport landing zones and fly in the mountains. Really, you know, it was work but it was it was almost a vacation
all the time so. – Sure. – Anyway, now I’m an airline pilot. I love it, it’s the greatest job ever. -[Matt] So there’s a
submarine base up in there then? -[Bobby] Yeah so those big buildings that look like hangars on
the water those are subs. Sub bases. And then there’s a old fort, there’s a one, two, three, I guess a
six sided fort right there. You know, we’re just
north of St. Augustine which is the oldest city in America. The thing about off-airport
operations is that they, you know, you can land a runway ten times in a row on ten
different days and it can be different every single time. -[Matt] I’ll go ahead and put the gear down, we’ll come down do a low pass. – [Bobby] Okay. -[Alert] Caution, terrain, terrain. -[Matt] I’ll shut her up. Caution, terrain, terrain. -[Bobby] So it does look
like there’s two horses. -[Matt] Yeah kinda
right on the runway. – Yep, right on the runway so
that’s why we gotta buzz in. Do not see any other airplanes or anything so get down right on em. -[Matt] And these are wild? – [Bobby] Yep. Completely wild. -[Matt] Is that low enough? -[Bobby] Yep, should be. -[Matt] Did the horses move? -[Bobby] Yeah but they’re still close. Let’s give em, let’s just go… Yeah just across em over the top. -[Matt] So there’s just these
ones over here right now I don’t see any other ones. -[Bobby] So it looked,
yeah, it’s just those… -[Matt] I guess there’s
those couple over there. This is kinda fun. – Yeah,
yeah it’s pretty fun. -[Matt] Okay they’re still kinda right there I think. Should we do one more, oh there’s a bird. Cause they’re still just right there to the left of the runway, right? – Yeah. So get down and get on em. There’s a bald eagle -[Matt] Oh wow. -[Bobby] Yeah that is annoying. Hopefully that’ll make em move. -[Matt] They still there? – [Bobby] Yeah. – Yeah well we can do it again. -[Bobby] Oh they’re gettin,
they’re getting a truck now. -[Matt] They’re still just
right there on the runway. – Yeah, I know. – Should we let them get
em with the truck and we..? – Well we can… -[Matt] Should we help? -[Bobby] Yeah, let’s help. It can’t hurt. (laughs) That should get em. -[Matt] Go ahead and put the gear down. – What’s the gear speed on this? -[Matt] 153 and the first notch of flaps. – [Bobby] Wow. You can really use it. -[Matt] So yeah you can really use it. Come down real fast. -[Bobby] Alright it looks
like they’re moving. The truck is gone. -[Matt] Yeah the truck’s off to the left. But are those little
spots just sorta like that kinda intersection with that other path are there still horses there? -[Bobby] Right now I think they’re bushes. But
-[Matt] Yeah I think so – Can’t be too careful about it. Yep all horses are clear. Nice. Alright, that’s fun. – [Matt] Yeah. That was awesome. I have never landed at
an uncharted grass strip on a private island before. (laughs) -[Bobby] Welcome to the life. Welcoming party. So my grandparents are here as well. They don’t know I’m coming. So it’s a little surprise. (laughs) (country music plays) -[Matt] So this is Cumberland Island. A lot of interesting history here. It was, you know,
obviously at first it was like Native American land, then
it was a cotton plantation owned by Stafford who sold
it to the Carnegies in the 1880s. And since it’s become
mostly a national park. Now there’s just a little bit of private in-holdings here and there. But the airport is private
property, the house here is private property and
there’s a few other residents as well so it’s, you know, it’s private you can’t just come and fly in. You can actually rent the house, though and if you rent the
house then you can fly in if you get permission but it’s a really, really
interesting little place. Check it out. And so we just drove over
to the Cumberland Island National Seashore, which
is just pretty cool like there’s nothing out
here, it’s not developed. It’s just beach, and water,
and horses, and seashells and maybe a couple
alligators here and there. It’s pretty awesome. This is just awesome, like
it’s such a cool little place. So glad I got to come in here. Again like, this is a
private airport so you you can’t just come here
and do this but it’s if you rent the house, you can. But yeah, it’s just an
awesome little place. So it’s so cool to be here. So next we’re goin towards
BQ1, a place up in North Carolina, apparently with good barbecue. Bobby’s dad, Bob, is clearing
horses off the runway for me. And so we’ll get down there
and hopefully just have a nice horse free runway to take off on. One thing is there’s horse
poop everywhere out here. Trying to avoid as much of it as I can so I don’t just cover
the plane in (muted). Okay so controls are free and correct. Instruments are good,
everything is in the green. We’re configured for takeoff. Okay, got that open, prop’s full forward. Mixture’s good. That was awesome. Thank you Breedens
for letting me do this. Now onto barbecue. Should be about two hours. That was just pure awesome. Moore County, just a few miles away is showing 240 at 11, gust 20. That’s almost a direct left crosswind for runway 31 at Gilliam McConnell, where we’re going. Here we got traffic about seven miles at our 2 o’clock 200 below, I
almost wonder if that’s Chris headin over to BQ1. – Gilliam McConnell traffic,
Bonanza seven hotel papa is six to the southwest,
gonna be left base runway 31 Gilliam McConnell. -[Dave] Gilliam McConnell
traffic Cessna 4 3 hotel is three miles, entering left base
for 31 Gilliam McConnell. Matt? – [Matt] Hey. – Hey it’s me, Dave and
Chris, we’re headin there too. (beep) Hopefully we…how far out are you? -[Matt] We are 5.0 out. -[Dave] I got you in sight now. -[Matt] So there’s the
airport right down in there. And there they are on final. Yeah, so this is gonna be a fun approach. You got trees just right
on the approach end there to come right down over. It’ll be good. -[Chris] It’s a fun one, Matt. -[Matt] Gilliam McConnell
traffic Bonanza 7 hotel papa’s final runway 31 Gilliam McConnell. Okay, got some nice gusts,
we just went from 75 knots to 85. So I’m gonna keep this glide path real good here. -[Alert] Traffic, 12 O’clock. Low, less than one mile. -[Matt] That was a fun one. -[Dave] Yeah it is. (upbeat music) – This is Carthage, North Carolina, Gilliam McConnell Airport. And we’re gonna go check out Pik-N-Pig. Today has been pretty epic. I had lunch in Spruce
Creek, I chased wild horses off of a grass strip in Gerogia. And now I’m here at Pik-N-Pig
in Carthage, North Carolina. It’s crazy. I’m gonna have the large
barbecue brisket plate. Cornbread muffin… so wait what about the bread? And then two other sides? French fries, cole slaw.
– [Waitress] We’re out of applesauce. – French
fries and cole slaw. And how spicy is the jalapeno?
– [Waitress] Not very. Can I get it on the side? Can I get some regular butter with it too? -[Chris] Here you go, the famous Pik-N-Pig barbecue brisket plate. -[Matt] So I’m trying the Coke cake. Which is like condensed
Coke, Coca Cola in cake form. It’s pretty good, just missing some Oreos. And then I also got the
chocolate pie because I’m just really hungry
and it’s all really good. It’s really rich but it’s really good. Awesome lighting, awesome
food, awesome airport. -[Chris] So what’s the
verdict on Pik-N-Pig? – 10 out of 10, would recommend. Definitely come here and check it out. BQ1. Just had an awesome little
dinner here with Chris and Dave here in Carthage at BQ1 got some nice barbecue. And now I’m gonna head over Gray’s Creek for some fuel, that’s where Dave instructs. Okay, everything looks good. -[Alert] Warning, terrain. – This runway we’re
goin to is 30 feet wide. So we should have nine
feet on either side. Nine feet of wriggle room
before we go off the runway. So that’ll be fun. And Gray’s Creek traffic,
Bonanaza 7, hotel, papa about a mile and a half final Gray’s Creek. (mic being keyed 7 times) -[Dave] That work? -[Matt] Yep, didn’t need em though. -[Alert] Traffic, 12 O’clock,
same altitude, zero miles. -[Chris] Welcome to Gray’s Creek. -[Matt] Is this the fuel right down on the end? -[Dave] Yeah. (upbeat music) (plane whirring) -[Matt] Okay so I got some
fuel here at Gray’s Creek. Awesome little airport,
the only thing that’s paved is the runway which is just so cool. And now it’s back to Boston,
about three and a half hours. Gray’s Creek traffic, Bonanza
7 hotel papa is departing runway 35 Gray’s Creek. Okay, everything is lookin good. Airspeed’s alive. Gonna let it build to about 70, 75. Look’s good, we got plenty of runway left. There we go, pitch for Vx. And we will not bust the airspace here. -[ATC] Bonanza 7 hotel
papa, radar contact six miles east of the Gray’s Creek airport. Climbing out of 1200, cleared
to the lima, whiskey, mike airport via direct. Climb and maintain 5000.
– [Matt] Okay, cool. So we are IFR now and for now we’re just cleared direct. I’m sure that’s gonna change. There’s some potential
for icing as we get up into New England but we’ll just
keep an eye on everything, see how it goes. Awesome night to go flying. -[ATC] November 7 hotel
papa contact Seymour Johnson approach on 123.7, have a good trip. -[Matt] Okay we’re gonna make a call up to Seymour Johnson. 500 miles until Lawrence. So yeah that was pretty
cool, Chris is awesome check out his content. He’s a flight instructor,
makes some really cool Instagram, YouTube stuff. And then Dave is also, he’s an instructor. He’s done a lot of stuff,
he used to be in the Golden Knights, the Army parachute team. All kinds of really
cool stuff, great guys. It looks like there’s a
little bit of weather that was up here around the New
England area, it’s kinda moving out. -[ATC] Bonanza 367 hotel papa I have an amendment to your route, advise ready to copy -[Matt] I knew that was coming. Cleared to the kilo lima whiskey mike airport via direct JFK, victor 229, Hartford,
Hartford 053 radial, DREEM, direct, maintain 5000
Bonanza 3, 6, 7, hotel, papa. -[ATC] 7 hotel papa, readback correct -[Matt] Let’s see what the
MEA is like along that route. Yeah really just
2000 the whole way basically. So just like this, when
we just got some snow but we’re not actually in a
cloud, there’s really no worry about icing. It’s when we end up in
the clouds that there starts to be some concern. But so far we’re
not getting anything. Atlantic City up ahead’s calling it broken 7000. -[ATC] November 7, hotel,
papa, climb maintain 7000. -[Matt] 7000 Bonanza
3, 6 , 7, hotel, papa. -[ATC] JetBlue 609 turn left heading 090, maintain one two thousand -[Matt] We’ll see if this works. -[JetBlue 609] Left turn heading 090 up to one two, twelve thousand, JetBlue 609 -[ATC] 7, hotel, papa, direct Bridgeport. -[Matt] Direct Bridgeport, 7 hotel papa, and we’re getting light rime, can we get 8000? -[ATC] 7 hotel papa, affirmative, climb maintain 8000. – 8,000, seven hotel papa, thank you So we did finally start getting some icing here. -[ATC] American 184, turn
left… – [Matt] But uh, I think we’ll be on top at 8 Yeah we just got a little light rime there. But we got out of it. Also important to
remember that you can have, you can be flying in the
clouds below freezing, get no ice in one spot and then get just a little bit further like we did, and start getting some light to moderate ice. Always gotta have an out,
multiple options with icing. Approach, 7 hotel papa, we’re getting some light rime could we get 9,000? -[ATC] Bonanza seven hotel papa,
climb and maintain 9,000. -[Matt] 9,000, Bonanza 7 hotel papa. Ok, I feel like we’re just about on top. If we don’t get there soon
though I’m just gonna make a 180 so that we’re out of
this even as we climb. Ok so we got a little bit more ice here But not bad on the wing. Okay, we’re about 23 miles out. That’s pretty much it, been an epic trip. I’m so happy to get to bring you guys along and show you some of these
awesome, awesome airports. The stuff you can do with
an airplane is amazing. Hope you enjoyed it,
if you did, press like. Hit subscribe if you aren’t already. Press the little bell so you
get notifications whenever there’s a new video. And I really couldn’t do
all this without Patreon. Check out the link in the description. Tons of awesome rewards there. The on the window’s all gone, it
looks like it’s gone on the wings too, maybe just a tiny little bit. There’s probably some on the GoPro.

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