[Hotclip Awards] “RUNNINGMAN” Bike Racing in the first half of the match!(ENGsub)

October 20, 2019

You look good with it. Take a seat. Can you get on it? Try it first. (He struggles to bend
his body to fit.) You look very comfortable. – Does it move forward?
– Wait. (Looks unstable.) Can you move? Can you move forward? He’s moving. It works. (It does move forward,
but it looks unstable.) It works. It’s very unstable. How can it be so fast? (Will he be able to pop balloons
on it?) What are these bikes for?
Which ones are ours? I can see the balloons. There are small bicycles too. Goodness. Gosh. Ours are big bicycles
with small balloons. Are ours big? – Did you not work hard?
– Listen. That wasn’t possible
because the game was random. Ours are the best bicycles. We have big bicycles
with small balloons. All of us won the games. Everyone. The game consists
of the first and second half. Two members from each team
will play. – Okay.
– Is that so? – Good.
– Every time you pop a balloon… of another team, you obtain one syllable. The team that completes the members’
name tags the fastest wins. All we have to do
is pop one balloon. (1 syllable, 8 syllables,
and 7 syllables remain) – Let’s go.
– Let’s go, Jae Seok and Dong Hwi. – All we need is just one ballon.
– Just one. – Just one.
– Just one. Make sure you hold out
during the first half. If you pop your own balloon
by mistake, – you give up one syllable.
– Nice. Be careful, Dong Hwi. Get ready. Start. (The first half of the game starts.) It’s hard to move it forward. (When he sees Seok Jin
who can’t move forward…) Dong Hwi, pop a balloon. Everyone is after me. (He’s picked as a target.) Let’s go to the center. (He heads towards Seok Jin.) (Then he makes a quick turn.) (Ji Hyo doesn’t pay attention
to her balloons) (Jae Seok tries to pop hers.) (Unfortunately, he fails.) This is scary. (Ji Hyo tries with all her might
to run away.) Go after her. Defend! Vroom, vroom. (Seok Jin can’t move his bicycle.) Stay away from me. (Boom) (If Haha pops Seok Jin’s balloon,
he obtains a syllable.) (Popping) (Seok Jin pops his own balloon.) He popped his own. What have I done? It only
touched the balloon gently. (He turns in a syllable
as he popped his own.) (I’ll definitely protect
my last balloon.) (Try to protect it if you can.) (He pops two balloons of Seok Jin.) (As Haha pops
Seok Jin’s balloons,) (Haha obtains 2 out of 7 syllables.) – Hey.
– Look. Are we eliminated
if all the balloons are popped? This doesn’t move. The bicycle doesn’t move. Ji Hyo. Go after her. Defend yourself. – Go after her.
– She’s fast. – Ji Hyo is fast.
– You’re fast, Ji Hyo. Make an attack. Attack. Make an attack. No. (It finally pops.) Nice. (As Jae Seok pops Ji Hyo’s balloon,) (Team This One
obtains one syllable.) (Ji Hyo tries to run away.) Run away, Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo. (Dong Hwi blocks her.) (Jae Seok chases after her.) (He smashes her balloons.) (Jae Seok pops Ji Hyo’s.) (Team This One obtains
2 out of 8 syllables.) (Ji Hyo pops Dong Hwi’s balloon.) Be careful behind you.
Jae Seok, on your left. (Peekaboo) (I’ve been working out my thighs
for this moment.) (He boosts energy into his muscles
and charges forward.) (Popping) (He pops balloons of Jae Seok
and Dong Hwi one by one.) Hold on. This doesn’t work anymore. (Jae Seok pops Ji Hyo’s balloon.) (Jong Kook pops
Dong Hwi’s balloon.) All my balloons are popped. (Dong Hwi is out.) (Now Jae Seok from Team This One…) (and Jong Kook and Haha
from Team Child remain.) Jae Seok, it’s a fight of stamina. – We don’t know yet.
– Turn. I can’t hit both right and left. You go right. I’ll go left. Corner him. We can do it. Run away, Jae Seok. Behind you. Behind you, Jae Seok.
Jong Kook is behind you. – Dodge him.
– He’ll be caught. – Jong Kook is so fast.
– He’s so fast. At this rate… Jong Kook is so fast. Jae Seok, go to your left. – Turn to your left.
– What’s going on? (Popping) Jae Seok, do something. The bicycle doesn’t go easily. I was startled
by how fast Jong Kook was. To your right. (His last balloon pops.) We got it. (He obtains a total of 7 syllables.) I knew it. (I can’t defeat that thigh engine.) Each team, go to your corner. (The End Of The First Half)

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