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How Animals See The World

October 18, 2019

hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and today we’re gonna be looking at how 10 different animals see so we’re used to seeing the world through our eyes but most animals are completely different eyes and see the world totally differently and with this video I’m going to allow you guys to see the world through the eyes of 10 different animals so guys be sure to like the video and subscribe and comment i subscribed and i’ll try to apply to all of you so coming in at number 10 that we have dogs so he wouldn’t have five color codes in their eyes and these codes divided up into four primary colors which are red green blue and yellow but dogs only see blue and yellow so compared to humans also be colorblind and that’s why they have such a good sense of smell because there is so weak and if you guys can’t see the ? in this image then you have eyes like a dog because they wouldn’t be able to either because they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between red and green and it’s a popular myth the dog fancy color at all and see things in black and white but no they’re partially colorblind but they can see some colors another weird thing about dogs vision is that they could only see at 60 degrees what’s in front of them what humans concealers 140 degrees in front of them and if you know if you put something really close your eyes and then it gets all blurry well dogs don’t have that and i kin folk some things are very close to the but not as far away as the human eye but coming up next we have sat so we all know that only come out at night and because of that they have bad vision but their vision is 110 times brighter than human vision so they can see in the dark more easily division they do have it’s like thermal night vision but they mainly rely on high-pitched noises that a lot of bats put out to get around and to communicate their ideas polarized light switch our light waves that are parallel to each other and vibrate in a single pain but yeah that’s have a red Center vision to see thermally and they sometimes also seen regular light vision mode when they’re not looking for prey to eat but next up we have been so like dogs be so have all of the color receptors for the four primary colors are the ones they do have a blue and green but not yellow and red but they can also see the UV spectrum meaning they can actually see UV lighting that humans cars and obviously because because these certain colors of AC plants and flowers very differently has compared to humans but they can also see things that are invisible to us such as ultraviolet light patterns in the center of plants and flowers and this can help be determined for wants to take the pollen and nectar from a certain flower or not because they can see UV lighting which just color depending on the certain type and quantity of pollen and nectar so it basically use the ultraviolet light seeing ability to take them to the clubs with the most nectar and pollen so they can make more money for us to eat but next up we have sharp so you know when you go into water and open your eyes it goes all blurry and then you can really see anything until you come up again well sharks complete clearly underwater just like how we see when we’re not in water and sharks see all in black and white and that allows them to see clear contrast in lightness and darkness as we all know that when you go down to the bottom of the ocean it can be dark and also in the ocean that there’s a lot of areas with murky waters well sharkskin seems dark murky water because they have something called the tapetum do dis year which is the layer of marriage crystals located behind the retina the next up we have bird so good size of a lot differently humanized but they’re also very cool so in a bird’s-eye distance or whatever they’re looking at is magnified because they’re I muscles focus on certain places but also have four silicones in the eyes called photoreceptors while humans only have 2 i’m this allows them to see ultraviolet lights kind of like a bee add another crazy thing about good vision is that the considers magnetic field which is how able to migrate to hot countries in the winter and the Earth’s magnetic field would look like this to a bird once trips that move right list than anywhere else 12s all very impressive but at least I don’t crash into windows and a regular basis the next up we have rat so you might not think the rats are the most interesting animals subdivision is pretty cool that’s actually see with both eyes separately and then the views of the two hours to put together and was really creepy each i can move independently so what I might be looking up for the other could be looking down or what I could be looking left while the other is looking right and right saucy things in slow motion so that they can focus on the detail of thing because the rice is a very slow compared to human side and rats or so color blind to the color red but that doesn’t matter too much because they can’t see that many other colors anyway because the rise have a blue tint which allows them to see at night and in dark places but next up we have flies so if you look closely it supplies I you’ll see it has thousands of small circles making of its size and these are actually the Flies lenses which a marriage onto their vision so they can actually see the same thing at many times and fly to north with the ultraviolet light and I’ve already explained how that works also like rats like conceding slow motion to help them focus on certain things but that’s actually not a good thing to them because it makes it easier for them to get sorted by us while just imagine how much more annoying maybe if they saw things at regular speed the next up we have snakes so we look at snakes recently she has their eyes activists me stereotypes they can see some color but at night they can see infra red because they have incredibly sensitive infrared sensors located on their heads and this can be used to see where heat is so if they can sneak up on their prey at night and killed immediately as they can also export humans the light with this so if you go out for a peaceful stroll one night just be sure to attract make my next up we have fish so fish could only see red green and blue meaning they have a very limited color spectrum and that so that they can see in the dark murky waters deep down in the seat was that lack of colors are only really needed for ocean fish you go down into dark mocha water but the house fish that you guys might have a pet also see like this which is pretty pointless because they don’t even live in dark murky water well in the supposedly Winston doesn’t clean out the tax that officials to see a much wider angle and humans which is where the term fisheye comes from and fish also have ultraviolet light receptors inside their eyes which allows them to see UV light damn it seems like almost every animal on this list concealed for violet light but next up we have cats so the first we think about a cat I just that they have an inter-island inside there I which gives them extra protection against things getting the rise and cats only see yellow Strauss and blues and that’s because cats have many more votes than humans do which allows them to seems dim light but human retina is also have more cones especially in the area of the phobia which is all codes are no roads at all have this allows us to see bright vibrant things in the sunlight sluts attached all of the colors straight out and it looks left happy and bright and it’s also a lot more blurry the high-resolution you’re used to seeing so if you had cat vision it would be like everything is permanently out of focus and Captain goes a lot wider than human because cats have a visual fields that spans the massive 200 degrees compared to the 180-degree visuals found that humans have so you guys would you rather see in the dark like a cat’s all have bright colorful vision like a human and not just about wraps up this video check out opponents top right corner and you guys can vote for your favorite animal on this list but as always thanks for watching and check out some more videos on screen right now even like if you enjoyed and if you haven’t already would you waiting for subscribe

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  2. Me: * seize the protective shell around cat’s-eye *
    Me: nope keep the photo away for me! ( I have a phobia I forget what it’s called but it’s a fear of eyes)

  3. 4:22 what…the…fuck…they see slow so consequently they have fast reflexes…did you even think about what you were saying??

  4. Wow lots of people pick dogs but I'm more of a cat person and I have a pet bug I forgot what it's called LOL

  5. I was taught that green was a secondary color? Not primary? Either my school was stupid or this was wrong and I vote my school was stupid

  6. how can they see in slow motion without slowing down time? or does their brain see at regular or faster speeds then it converts it to slower speeds?

  7. wow i really loved the part about the bats, the cone graphic was especially cool BUT NEXT UP WE HAVE YOUTUBE CHANNELS

  8. So do all animals including humans see the world differently because that's their world? Hmm maybe our vision is just our species perception of the planet which could be possible, if due to differences in brain reaction to light waves maybe earth has no colour.

  9. So the snakes watch us like the Predator from the movie !!! Snakes have predator vision 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻

  10. One too many errors in this video.

    – Bats don’t see infrared. They use echo location
    – Humans have 3 cones not 5
    – Flies being able to see in slow motion actually makes it harder for them to get caught.
    – Dogs have a greater field of view than humans.

  11. Um, flys experience time slower so it's actually easier for them to get away from something swatting them, since they can see it coming before you've really even started.

  12. How do we know because no dog can talk to tell us what they see and no human has turned into a dog to see what it would look like so how do we know 😱😱

  13. Dogs also happen to have an inner eyelid as with cats. Humans did too at one point, evinced by the pink growths at the inner pockets of our eyes. It's what's left of that trait. Kinda like our tailbones with tails

  14. Okay, with my knowledge of geometry, the fact that dogs have a lower periphiral vision than humans is wrong. Dogs would actually have a larger FOV, just because there eyes are more to the side. I don’t know, correct me if I’m wrong.

  15. I hated how you started each new animal by saying "but". WHY ARE YOU SAYING "BUT!" You should be saying "AND". I am thumbs downing this video!

  16. How can we believe that any of this so called facts are even legit and true? no one can do experiment on a dead animal and see their eyes closely to know what color they say and how much degree they see 😑 this is just made up stuff and the colors are edited just to make a pointless statement just to somehow finish this topic

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