How do Horses Sleep? | #aumsum
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How do Horses Sleep? | #aumsum

October 21, 2019

It’s AumSum Time Hi guys. Can you guess the title of my next video? Oh no. I’m gonna die. Just kidding. Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. My horse fainted. Somebody help. Just kidding. Horses can sleep lying down, but being massive in size. They wouldn’t be able to get up and run from predators. Also, lying down for long restricts blood
circulation putting pressure on their organs. Hence, through evolution, They developed a mechanism called stay apparatus. In which they lock the ligaments. Tendons of their legs to avoid falling. Thus helping them take small naps while standing. What causes tides? Tides are the periodic rise and fall of sea
level at a particular place. When the sea level rises to its greatest height. It is known as a high tide and when the sea level drops to its lowest height, it is known as a low tide. Tides are primarily caused due to the gravitational force of the moon. But how Part of the earth facing the moon experiences. A stronger gravitational pull towards the
moon as compared to the earth’s center. So, the part facing the moon is pulled away from the center, creating a bulge. Thus, increasing the sea level and causing a high tide. Now, the earth’s center experiences a stronger gravitational force towards the moon. Than the part facing away from the moon. Hence, this part is pulled away from the center, resulting in high tide on the opposite side as well. In addition to this, the places in between the two high tides, where the sea level drops, experience low tides. Topic: Blushing. Why do we blush? I don’t know. When we are embarrassed, ashamed or shy, we blush. Blushing is governed by our sympathetic nervous system. Its functioning is not under our control. What? I cannot control my own sympathetic nervous system? Absolutely. Now, when we are ashamed or shy, it causes us immediate stress. When something causes immediate stress, our sympathetic nervous system considers it as a threat. To defend the threat, this system orders our adrenal glands to release a hormone called adrenaline. Adrenaline speeds up our breathing rate. It expands the blood vessels so that more
blood and oxygen can be reached to our body parts. Thus preparing our body for fight or
flight. Now, as the blood vessels on our face are
very close to our skin surface. They make our face appear red, that is, we blush. Topic: Thermoregulation. Why do we sweat? It is a natural way of our body to take a
bath. No. Sweating helps in thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is the process by which organisms maintain their internal body temperature. Now, the internal body temperature of a human is about 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Our enzymes and hormones work best at this temperature. Hence, thermoregulation is very important
for us. Well. If you ask my opinion, chocolate syrup is
very important for me. Just listen. On a sunny day or during exercise, when our body temperature increases. Our sweat glands produce sweat. This sweat is about 99% water. Water is a very good heat absorbent. It absorbs much of our body heat and evaporates into the atmosphere, helping us lose heat. Thus maintaining our body temperature. Why do snakes shed their skin? Wait, I’ll explain. When a snake grows, its outer skin layer called epidermis does not grow or get bigger with it. Hence, the snake sheds its epidermis periodically to allow further growth of its body. In addition to this, shedding also helps remove parasites present on the epidermis. So, does the snake buy a new skin? No. First listen. Before shedding, the snake grows a new epidermis beneath the old one. Secretes a fluid between the old and new epidermis. This fluid helps separate the old epidermis
from the new one. Once this is done, the process of shedding
begins. To remove the old epidermis, the snake rubs its head against any hard surface. Creating a tear either near mouth or near nose area. Then, it drags and wriggles it body against any hard surface and slowly slithers out of the old epidermis.

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  1. maybe the narrator is on vacation or sleeping so aumsum make him explain. after the vacation is the narrator back or aumsum still explain

  2. at noisy places ,we increase our volume of music (wearing headphones)even upto maximum to be audible( doesnt hurt). but if we rise volume at quite places (night times) ,it hurts.why???

  3. I'm no more going to watch your videos if u do in this new style

    all members are asking for the old style but you still kept doing in new style .Now who the hell like new style once read comments on video

    please do the next video in old style

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  5. Please bring the old style back. I really miss it! And I dont want Aumsum acting like Sherlock Holmes. Its just soo weird….

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