How Hard Can You Ride A Cyclo-cross Bike? | Blake Shreds A Bike Park On A CX Bike
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How Hard Can You Ride A Cyclo-cross Bike? | Blake Shreds A Bike Park On A CX Bike

October 23, 2019

– This is different. Oh! Boy! Oh my goodness me, look at this. Something totally different for you guys. This is my new nukeproof digger. It’s a cross bike, some would say it’s a seventies mountain bike. It’s got drop posts, it’s
rigid, I’ve got drop bars, it’s one by, I’m clipped in, I’ve got a hell of a spicy day on this thing. I’m looking forward to it. I want to see how hard
I can push this thing, because I’m all about jumping. But after that, I don’t know. Watch this. How high can you push the cross bike? (electronic music) Oh, well I just hiked up this huge hill. Come to a section, this is
quite techy, look at this. Quite out of it’s comfort
zone I think, for this bike. There’s a horrible drop into a turn. This is techy stuff, I’m
on the drops, oh man. I think I have bitten off more
than I can chew there, Nick. Right, uh, let me walk it. I’ve ridden this on a mountain bike. Normal mountain bike is quite fun, but it is quite techy,
especially this bit here. Come look at this. Look, so you’re coming down here, and then you’ve got this to negotiate. Look at that, that’s like
nipple height for me, where I’m dropping off. (laughter) Oh. Oh, this is terrible. You reckon I could do it? If I jump, I can potentially, probably, land there, hopefully in the turn and not get spat out the turn. Well, how hard can it be? (electronic music) Oh my God! I’m thinking twice about doing that. I might have to do a cross maneuver. Yeah, the running into it,
there’s loads of roots, super slippery, super greasy, these little tires are
following every single root. Plus I’ve got them pumped up to 40 PSI, which I don’t want to puncture, even though I’m running tubeless. Let me try again, quicker. (electronic music) Oh. Oh, no. I’m not doing that, full cross! Ha ha! If they can do it, I can do it. Okay, I’m all about pushing myself, but when it comes to stuff like this where it’s a little bit silly… Probably doesn’t look
like much on the camera, and on your screens at
home, but looking over these horrible bars down
at that, it was gnarly. So, I’ll get off my
bike and just walk down. Forget about the shame. Who cares? Who cares how cool you
are, I’m not showing off. I like my life. There’s more to ride on this trail. I’m going to hike up and do more. (rock music) Alright enough of that bike park stuff, let’s hit some single track. (laughter) (rock music) Climbing is so much
easier on a cross bike. The best thing about it, you
don’t got to get laughed at once you get off your
bike and run up the hill. Because that’s what they do, easy! More runs! (rock music) I’m going to do that again! (laughter) Yeah! Yeah! (rock music) Oh, haha! Wow! Wow! Oh, the cross bike. Super, super fun. Alright how hard can you push it? This thing is super capable of doing pretty much any mountain bike trail to an extent, when it
gets a little bit gnarly. That’s when it gets a bit scary, when it gets well out of its comfort zone, and myself as well. I’m not saying go out there and buy one of these cross bikes. If you have an old, like road bike… Stick some nobby tires on and
go and have fun on a trail. I’m telling you, running
this bike on the drops on a mountain bike trail,
puts a whole new perspective on riding a mountain bike. Well, a cross bike, on
such terrain like this. I loved it. It’s the first time I’ve ridden one. I’ve got to be honest,
I’m pretty hooked on it. I’m looking forward to riding
this thing a little bit more. If you love this sort of content, let us know in the comments down below if you want to see part two of this. Maybe, I like… Put some suspension forks
in the front, we don’t know. Maybe go to part two of this. If you love this sort
of thing, don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe because you’re missing
out on some rad content! Click over here for
introduction to cross bike, what I did with Tom Last at GCN. He helped me get into it, and I’m pretty
understandable about it now. Give us a thumbs up, like
if you saw this thing, and I’ll see you next time, see ya!

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  1. Do not put suspension on it, just practice so you get used to the bike and use the correct tire pressure. I also wouldn't recommend to use a road frame, using those just isn't the fun it can be. (I also wrecked a couple of those). I am 100% sure you can do that trail, looking at what you did next. Also I have to admit it is smart not to do it when you aren't confident enough on the bike.. yet.
    I have ridden a CX bike for a number of years, but after an accident my muscles in my back/neck have weakened, so I need to have suspension, otherwise I have to stop a lot sooner than I like to do (like after 15-20 minutes already). For now it is a hardtail with cane creek suspension post, next one will be a fully, because I want a dropper post on a next bike 😉

  2. I'm scared to ride bikes like that because I'm scared of the tyres squishing and smashing the rims, getting buckles, getting my arms caught in the bars if I went from the drops to the flat part or vice versa and hitting my knees hard on the top tube. Ahh help

  3. As a person who races CX and MTB, you're a nutter for even thinking of doing some of those features on a CX bike! All the power to you.

  4. I love taking my Cannondale Slate on single track. I have WTB Resolutes (42c) at 35psi, the travel of 30MM on the lefty and keep the saddle low and it is a total blast. I also love road riding to my favorite trail, dropping pressure, single track, bring the pressure back up, ride home. It is the perfect tool.

  5. Never rode CX before? That was some amazing riding, yes uphill riding and hike a bike is much easier but drop offs NO WAY

  6. Perhaps some collaboration or rides with the GCN presenters, From GCN Si likes his Gravel/CX bikes, Katherine does CX and the dirty Kansa, Emma Has learnt CX from Si. Does it matter what we ride as long as we have fun..

  7. You guys are always riding in the same places, you should try and make the scenery a little more diverse. Good video!

  8. I would like to se how different the bike rides with a suspension fork on it. always the positive Blake! keep it up GMBN! got a cross bike my self, but how would suspension change it?

  9. Don't ever change Blake! You're a champion, brother! You're somebody who we can all relate to, and we feel like you understand us, the viewers. I personally love how human and transparent you are in your clips. No BS bravado or feeling like you need to prove yourself. You know who you are and you respect your limits, as we all do. We love you bro, thankyou for being you. 🤗

  10. Nice to see you dare Blake. And thanks to make sense taking 'full ciclocross' on those 'tecnical' down hill obstacles on your shoulder literal … I would do the same, no shame in taking the safe way or the easy road.

  11. Those "gravel plus" geometries accommodating 50mm/650B are quite fun! Especially when really lightweight like the OPEN U.P.P.E.R. …🤩
    Try riding lower pressure. 40 psi is way too much with 47 mm/tubeless. (45-55 is what I ride on tarmac and gravel with 32 mm.)
    Btw, with something like the Digger pro, decent skills and insane amounts of guts, some cool rides are possible:

  12. I'm with you Blake. Love riding my Crosscheck offroad – deffo more skill required to ride instead of the hovercraft-like absorb everything FS, but that's why it's fun. Think about what bikes Blake does get to ride. Yet he rides this and has great fun! Good on ya mate!

  13. 'Hey guys,I'm stuck for content'
    "Just do something that's been done multiple times since it blew up 3 years ago"
    'Really? Won't it just look lazy and derivative?'
    "Nah…they're like goldfish.It's basically all we ever did in the magazines"
    'Well if you are sure'

  14. Hey guys, awesome video. How heavy is the digger? I'm interested in comparing to a CX that's more oriented for racing than shredding.

  15. Could there be a video on how to do those gnarly runs like jumps, bunny hops, berms, and such? Basically, how is it different from modern MTB?

  16. If it wasn’t for GCN I would not have discovered your channel. They have quite a few videos about Cyclocross and I’m happy to see GMBN finally have a video about Cyclocross. It’s the best bike of both worlds road and off road. The jack knife of all trades. The everything bike on a budget. If you can only afford one bike, this is the bike to have in your stable.

  17. This video along with the one with Elliot Heap has cemented my 650B gravel bike decision! Great riding! Good to see people getting rowdy on these things!!!Now if they just get some in stock…

  18. Great cup clip!!! "Ride Hard!!! and Live!" Haha!!!
    I been check out this channel for a while now but just sub'd for you Blake!!! You the man!!!

  19. First thing that pops into my mind when people say cyclocross is a bunch of cyclists in a tight spandex pushing their bike on foot up a very muddy hill 🙂

  20. And this ladies is not too dissimilar to our late 80's early 90's MTBs … no wonder I was so shit. 😉 Credit to Blake… takes Coke cans to ride like that while licking yer from wheel…

  21. Exactly what I did. 32c×700 on old aluminium bike. All the MTB'ers eyes go "What …!" But I ride all the trails they do. Bumpy ride I will admit

  22. I really don't get that bike category. Road bikes are faster on the road. MTBs are faster off-road. Gravel/CX bikes are good… when it's a bit of road and kinda soft off-road (gravel) ? I really don't get it. Maybe I live in this strange place where we only have roads and off-road (mountains) so had never thought such a bike necessary but everyone else lives in a very different place that just matches that terrain.

  23. Just put some Hunt 650B wheels and WTB Senderos on my Giant Revolt, and have been hitting some single track and light MTB trails! It’s a whole new experience riding a gravel bike on familiar MTB trails, I LOVE it!!! Keep it up!

  24. Whatever what Blake's riding , It's always Looking cool and easy, he master all kinds of bikes, now time to try some freestyle motocross… 🤘🤘😝

  25. Yeah mate..its not all about shame or coolness. Being practical and safety that is. Especially when your bike is not for drops.

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