How horses are helping humans cope with grief
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How horses are helping humans cope with grief

August 25, 2019

the world can change in the blink of an eye that was our last conversation I had and the next morning I woke up and he didn’t when I lost him my world fell apart for sure and it’s been a slow piecing it together I had everything I wanted and I wasn’t doing really well and a friend of mine suggested this type of support situation and I said why not [Music] about two years ago Angela burns from East End hospice and I got together and we decided that this place was a place of peace where people could come to get out of their heads for a little while and just relax and and find their way to healing our horses keep them in the moment when we have a session a lot of times a horse will come in between everyone and just make themselves known because they also are in grief a lot of these horses have been rehomed four five six times some of the horses have been rehomed once but have lived with their human counterpart for twenty years we have a lot of elderly horses here horses that are caregivers to other horses and it’s it’s amazing the dynamic that you see here when people find their connection to another horse when you lose a child or any loved one you know it’s always on your mind and it’s always there and it’s you know it could be a favorite smell or noise or a song but when you’re here you have to be in the present moment we have now at thousand-pound animals sitting standing right next to us and you have to be present you can’t have your mind going all over the place and you learn to trust again you learn to communicate with others personally I am NOT one for therapy and this has been the best answer for me just to learn about their hierarchy and like I said being present and in the moment right horses mirror what people are feeling and it’s almost like they know they know when that person is sharing their story and being vulnerable a horse like Sinatra comes up and he is right right with that person and he’s putting his head right by that person saying I understand your your vulnerability and I’m here with you even in grief when you lose a child you can love again when you lose a husband you can love again a mother a father a sister you can love again and that’s what these horses do because loving is a choice that’s what we teach here we teach here peace and love [Music]

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