How I Made My Drastic CM Breyer Lady Phase Into a Criollo – VIDEO TOUR
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How I Made My Drastic CM Breyer Lady Phase Into a Criollo – VIDEO TOUR

August 15, 2019

I love this mare. This is my official
entry for NaMoPaiMo 2019. This is my third year doing this event and it is my second time choosing my official horse to be a donation horse. This girl is a donation for MEPSA, which is the Model Equine Photo Showers Association. Each year they hold a different makeover contest where they pick out a Breyer mold
and then tell everyone to use the same mold and customize it the way they see
fit. This is what everyone started out with. It was the Breyer Lady Phase, which
is an old mold by Chris Hess. It is older than me! She had a lot of flaws
and issues with her, plus I the fact that she’s just a sleepy looking
standing quarter horse, I’d wanted to really see what I could do with the mold. This is like a South American version of the quarter horse. This is the Argentine Criollo and I decided to make her a
floating trot mare to see what she would look like with movement and I opened up her
eyes so she’s no longer sleepy. Aside from the breed swap and the pose change, a lot went into her. The original mold pretty much turned into an armature. I used the original legs for example but repositioned them. There’s a lot of clay through here to thicken in her up because Criollos have a
way thicker bone then this girl did, especially when viewed from the front. Then there’s other obvious changes, like the hooves really weren’t that great on
this mold originally. Her shoulders are completely new, her haunches are new, and the barrel as well. There’s a little bit of the original plastic showing through but not much. The original mold was not the roughest of the old molds but it was still rough and needed a lot of sanding. She has detailed hooves that are
not only painted to look realistic but actually sculpted. 1/8 clear acrylic rods have been drilled and inserted into her hooves so that she can float a few millimeters off the ground. And then I finished her off in airbrush acrylics and hand painted acrylics with painstaking hair by hair detail for the mappings and pinto work, well as little details like her eyes. You couldn’t tell particularly well in her production photos but you can kind of see it glinting in the video that she has glossy eyes and a
little bit of gloss in her nostrils for that moist wet look. And that is my drastic custom for NaMoPaiMo and MEPSA. I am going to box her up tonight and get her ready to ship it tomorrow, since this is the last day to send off all the Lady Phase
entries to MEPSA so that they have time to cast the votes for who would be
the winner. A number of these horses will be put up
for auction or put up for sale and some of them may be held back for prizes for
their championship show which is what they’re fundraising for, so we’ll wait and
see if it will be a show prize for some lucky winner or if she’ll go up to
auction, in which case I know there’s a number of people that were really
excited to see this girl go up for sale so if that’s the case, here’s your chance. Thank you for watching and be sure to follow my accounts on Facebook and
Instagram. I’m Blue Mountain Stable. I also have a YouYube account that’s under the same name Blue Mountain Stable, or you can find everything on my website ,

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  1. Wow! What a transformation! She’s an entirely new horse! And a beautiful paint job! Her nose looks so soft!

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