How Seals Help Wild Horses
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How Seals Help Wild Horses

September 5, 2019

As far as these horses are concerned, humans
don’t exist. Now, they live in partnership with a different
animal – Seals! Every winter half a million grey seals crowd
onto the sands to give birth. And this huge gathering of sea mammals keeps
the horses alive. “So we have seals coming onto the island for
weeks where they’re pupping, they’re mating, and while they’re here they’re fertilizing
the grass. The influx of nutrients is quite impressive
and the horses are responding to this.” It’s a remarkable connection between two mammals
who couldn’t be less alike. The seals bring nutrients to these barren
dunes and the horses feast on the grass.

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  1. The Horse is similar to cattle, sheep, goats and dogs. Animal behavior trades of nature.
    Researchers Shed Light On Trading Behavior In Animals — And …
    The Basics of Equine Behavior | Equine Science Center

  2. Beginning of video: Their relationship is through faeces. There is literally nothing else this useless animal can provide for a horse.
    End of video: Yup.

  3. Will someone explain why there is millions of seals on all these islands, minus breeding wff is the point of all the seal varieties?

  4. we can add that seals get protection from horses as an early warning system because they can see better above the sand

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