How The PUMA Suede Became a Cultural Icon
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How The PUMA Suede Became a Cultural Icon

January 8, 2020

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  1. I remember that. One of the guys puma pick up was joey brezinski. The dude rock pumas alot and skated with alot of dope colorway

  2. First ever shoes I remember having when I was 2 years old in New York was black Puma suedes with a red stripe 😎👍

  3. Puma Suedes and Hip Hop – you mention the weeknd, Big Sean and Rihanna and manage to leave out the entire line from Yo! MTV Raps and you fail to mention the Suede 50th anniversary B-Boy special editions?
    Research, Jack.

  4. Loved the shoutouts to Tommie Smith and breakdancing culture! I got 3 pairs, probably one of my all time favorites. Great video as always!

  5. I barely have any Pumas in my collection and in Zambia it's hard to find them outside of major retailers like TotalSport and Studio88 who tend to sell them at resale price equivalent to the USD. I usually have plugs who do the job and sell at thrift prices which is how my collection grew except for Vans and chucks which are very much affordable here at retail price. Zambia's sneaker community has grown massively through the years and your videos have helped my passions grow further. Hoping a sneakerhead from my side of the world also sees what you guys have done!! Definitely need to cop more pumas especially the suede. I'd love to see a video on the Adidas Gazelles or DCs maybe even the rise and fall of Supra that would be epic!!!

  6. Do a show about the canvas Ivan Lendl adidas, that was iconic but what happened to them and why are they impossible to get now? Almost like they never existed.

  7. Hey Brian, good to see you in a video again.

    Nacho and yourself have only elevated the quality of your videos since I started watching.

    Good job, thank you.


  8. I use the puma suede for skateboarding because you can get the awesome shoe at Ross/marshalls for like $27 and they last a long time too

  9. i hope sole collector comes along with a sponsorship and give you guys a call, that would be 🔥🔥🔥👍🏾

  10. I didn't think I ever wondered how Puma got started, it just showed up in my feed. This turned out to be interesting and a fun watch.

  11. This video brought back so many childhood memories growing up in East New York, Brooklyn! Rocking the blue suede Puma with the Fat untied laces was the ish in the mid/late 70’s early 80’s to school and the roller rink was just Classic!

  12. Hey guys I like the channel very informative. Do you have any history on LOTTO sneakers. Growing up I used to see stylish dudes wearing them?

  13. Imma tell you what. There are new Puma baskets that have this smooth section under the Puma stamp in the sole. That in itself took away from the original Puma Sole I knew. The Clydes kept that original rough sole all around.

  14. does anyone recall blue Puma Racers? made in France from the late 1970s, early 1980s? Puma Suede were at Costco, blue or black, about $13.99 a pair.

  15. Who made the black suede with the red line had a pair in the mid to late 70 can't remember the maker🤔🤔🤔

  16. Such a cool video. Puma has been way underrated for way too long. Love what they’ve been doing the last few years. I have the 68 Olympics track jacket, and found out a guy I work with was there when that moment happened!

  17. Wow I'm a white girl and my go to shoes have Always been Puma suede.. I've had almost every color throughout the years… always got compliments from people.. never knew any of this.. thanks for the history lesson..

  18. im 50 years old now and since 1987 I have always had a blue pair in my wardrobe, as a matter of fact I just bought a red pair from the 80's at a estate sale.

  19. Best old school sneakers are….converse chuck Taylor's, Reebok classics, shell top Adidas, top ten Adidas, Adidas forums , air max 95 (although for me its the newest classic), pumas (clydes of course), AF1S, nike cortez, & gator dress shoes. 😂

  20. Dassler is not pronounced Dossler—the cause is in the name: Adi-das.

    And Puma shoes had a ‘panther’ on them. Really – it was a panther? Not a puma?

  21. I consider these the flyest sneakers ever..these were jordans before the jordans…p.s theyre not made the same as in the early 80s..the suede doesnt smell the same or is as soft as before and the sole isnt the same pattern..still dope though..i enjoy your videos bro..good work

  22. back in 79 i saved my allowance $3 a week to get the black/white puma leather .price was $29.99 after tax $32 and change you couldn't tell i wasn't the man i felt like was 8 feet tall. the puma and adidas shell toe are the most comfortable sneakers i have ever wore. There better than the yeezys

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