How To Bet on Each Way (EW) Racing
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How To Bet on Each Way (EW) Racing

August 29, 2019

Betting each way is a useful tool in
horse racing. It’s a great way of finding value and each-way bet is actually two
bets, one to win and one to place. It pays out a percentage of the winning
price if your horse comes first to fourth, depending on the race. The payouts change with the number of runners. Each way is only offered with five or more
horses racing it breaks down like this races with five to seven runners only
covers first and second at 25% of the winning odds. More than eight and the first three payout at 20%, more than 15 in a
handicapped race sees the first four payouts also at 20%. Bookmakers hate
each way betting. It’s an old formula which doesn’t benefit them, which is
great news for you the punter. The best time to bet each way is to look at races
where three or four horses are clearly ahead of the rest.
Here we see only four of the eight horses have a serious chance of winning
the race, backing the favored horses each way in a race like this stacks the odds
in your favor. Why? Because the outdated each way place terms don’t accurately
reflect the true probabilities of these horses finishing in the first three
places, providing good value to bet each way. Be patient, wait for
the races that suit you and take advantage of each way betting!

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