How to Bet on Horse Racing
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How to Bet on Horse Racing

September 4, 2019

Making money from horse racing has never been easier with online betting. With so many races to choose from, if you follow
these tips you should be seeing regular wins. 1. Specialise. you can only watch
and be knowledgeable on so many races. So pick one area and know it inside and out.
Some punters only focus on the jumps while others focus on flat racing.
Whichever is your preference specializing in one format will only
help you improve your batting returns. 2. With that in mind keep a log. You can
start to see when horses perform and why. Time for and race form a good ready-made
logs you can use and then customize. 3. Watch the draw. Some tracks have
inconsistent ground and this can favor runners coming out of certain stools.
This can dramatically influence the results. Keep a record of tracks that
seem to consistently produce winners from a certain stool. 4. Watch the
weather. Weather can also change results drastically, if it rains dry weather form goes out the window. Make sure a bad days weather doesn’t give you a bad day.
5. Be aware the star jockeys. Many inexperienced betters tend to bet on big
names regardless of what horse they are riding. Look out for young jockeys
instead, they can take weight off their horses thanks to their claim designed to
help inexperienced pilots. Try and find up-and-coming jockeys on lighter horses.
They’re often a great value for money. Good luck picking a winner!

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