How to Buy a Horse Bridle
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How to Buy a Horse Bridle

August 21, 2019

How to Buy a Horse Bridle. Most horse bridles are adjustable and you
don’t have to worry about size when buying one unless you are buying a draft horse or
pony. Here are some buying tips. You will need Feed and tackle shop Internet
access Snaffle bridle Dressage bridle Western bridle Browband Bulletin boards (optional)
and classified ads (optional). Step 1. Go to a feed and tackle shop or check the
internet if you are in the market for a new horse bridle. As an alternative, check bulletin boards or
classified ads for used bridles. If you opt for a used bridle, make sure the
stitching is tight. Step 2. Choose a standard snaffle bridle if you ride
English style. If your horse is difficult to control, consider
a snaffle bridle with a flash nose band or drop nose. Step 3. Choose a dressage bridle if you plan to compete
in dressage events. Step 4. Choose a traditional Western bridle, bosal,
or a mechanical hackamore bridle for Western-style riding. These bridles do not have nose bands. Step 5. Make sure the brow band fits your horse’s
head. Brow bands can be purchased separately and
fit to your existing bridle. Did you know Queen Victoria introduced the
plain white bridal gown at her wedding in 1840.

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