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  1. Is this really at the top of the list for need to know material? I live in Texas – horses everywhere you fucking look. I don't see any helmets? Who has horses outside of Texas? Nobody. Who wheres helmets anyhow? Nobody. Helmets are so 1899. This is nonsense. A good video would consist of me showing people how kick a horse in the balls. That would be better than this.

  2. @FaceGrinder12 Are you stupid??? Texas is definitly NOT the only place with horses. And have you ever heard of english riding?? No??? Well look it up. And also you can jump on a horse!!!! Magical right???/ And some times its not succesful! And sometimes you land on your head!!!! Its so crazy really but texas im sorry to bust your dreams but theyre are 100 times more horses in places other than texas so dont tell someone to kick a horses balls if your not a horse person.

  3. What the hell is an adjustable whatever gibberish system? Please slow down and explain your direction s.

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