How to Care for Horses : How to Feed Horses
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How to Care for Horses : How to Feed Horses

August 11, 2019

Hi! I’m Sharon Booth with Goldenrod Performance
Horses on behalf of Expert Village and we are now going to show you how to feed a horse.
Horse is a large animal and they need a lot of feed and you can’t feed them too much or
you will make them sick. So basically what you are gong to be looking for are three ingredients.
Most horses enjoy grain which is some kind of oats and mixture or the recommended pellet,
I would need for you to either consult with a veterinarian or your trainer on what your
horse should need for its use because each horse is different. Some barns have a general
feed which they feed all horses which is good depending on the use of the horse. We use
grain and good forage which is hay. Hay can be either grass hay or alfalfa or timothy
hay. There is many different kinds of hay but it needs to be clean and it needs to be
soft. There can’t be a lot of sticks and stickers or hard stuff in the hay because the horse
can’t digest it. So with your grain you want to keep the grain where it is clean and dry
in bins so that the rats or mice can’t get in and also so that it doesn’t mold. So if
you keep your grain in these bins, make sure that they are capped off every night and that
you keep your feed changed at all times. In other words if you are almost out of feed,
don’t just pour more feed on top of it when you get the new feed. Empty out your bin first
and then add more feed. With your hay, keep it in a good dry place so that mold gets in
on your hay. Again, you can feed both grass hay and alfalfa depending on your horse’s
use. Alfalfa is high energy and can cause the horse to be very excitable a lot so make
sure that you consult someone if you are not use to feeding a horse that someone that has
horses, knows horses or you vet is always a good way and your feed store is there to
help you at all times. So in feeding your horse, remember that they have to have water.
Good clean water should always be available. Free water is the most important part to a
horse along with the trace minerals. Most of the time the trace minerals are included
in your feed so that you shouldn’t have to worry about that but make sure that it is
there for them because they need the salt and minerals as well.

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  1. I am buying a horse because my parents are letting me and i'm soooooo excited…i just don't know how to fully take care of a hors yet…these viseos are really helping me so thank-you!!! Keep posting more videos if u have~!~!~!

  2. yea that water looks like it came out of a toilet or some kind of nasty pond…. also the container the water wuz in didnt look so clean

  3. I just got a horse and needed some direction as what type of balanced diet to give him and your video helped alot! The rest of you need to learn how to spell correctly before leaving rude comments like you are! And for your info that water is totally fine! the container is just older and rusted and keep in mind horses take their toll on there surroundings for example I had a brand new fence and in no time at all the horses chewed it up on the top and now it looks old and weathered.

  4. @OrlicaSK I've been riding and leasing horses for three years, but because they are all boarded at facilities, I don't have to do anything in terms of feeding, other than give them their grain. So for me, it's important to learn how to feed them on my own, for future reference.

    I'm not disagreeing with you. I would never rush out and buy a horse if I didn't know all of this.

  5. I don't get all the hate on expertvillage. I think they're accurate, helpful, and to the point. Ok I may find some videos of theirs that I disagree with, but that doesn't mean that they're not trying. I like them way better than HowCast.

  6. Hello, sorry to bother you. I'm new to horses and was lookin around at the feed store and found alfalfa pellets and timothy hay pellets, in addition to rolled oats cracked corn and a whole bunch of other stuff. My question is can you feed these pellets safely to a horse and is it better to feed grain pellets or straight grain. Like rolled oats?

  7. I noticed the water bowl that u just presented was dirty and filthy at least you should've cleaned it to demonstrate the proper way of clean water
    Besides that thanks for the video

  8. For God's sake what a load of crap. Horses need grass of average quality and plenty of high quality hay through the colder months when grass is in far less supply .feed companies are making an absolute killing out of ignorant horse owners who think their horses require all this grain etc .To many owners have convinced themselves that grass is the horses enemy .Horse (women ) JUST CAN NOT JUST CAN NOT !! resist pumping the poor horse full of grain and supplements it really doesn't require . Most horses are over fed and seriously under worked . In the old days a Clydesdale of 800kg would work for 8 to 10 hours a day pulling loads and ploughs and get fed oats , chalf and hay and grass and had no problem maintaining weight and conditioning .These days a horse does 20 minutes of silly circles or jumping and it's considered work and the rider can't wait to get back to the stable to mix up Al sorts of supplements and crap that they have been convinced they need . Horse people are the easiest bunch of people there are to get by the nose and led them where you want .There are more fads and gimmicks in the horse world than any other .why ? Because horse owners in general arnt horsemen .

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