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How to Choose & Fit a Horse Riding Helmet | Know Before You GO

August 10, 2019

horse riding is a really popular activity for adults and children all over the UK it’s a great way to spend quality time outdoors and dialed or stock equipment suitable for a range of different equestrian activities but there are a few pieces of equipment that are essential to enjoy safely probably the most important is the riding hat and one of our trusted equestrian brands Harry Hall invited us a lot to find out more hi I’m Joanna and I’m from Harry Hall today we’ve teamed it with go outdoors to offer advice and all different aspects of riding pants it’s incredibly important that you never get on a horse without wearing riding pants a riding that will absorb the impact on a fall and Harry Hall isn’t named in safety you can trust the type of hat you need and the standard it complies to really depends on your riding activity so it’s always best to check with the discipline before purchasing there are many different types of riding house available for both adults and children the fixed pcat is a very popular choice at the moment the brightly colored versions are great for hacking and schooling at home the plain navy and black fixed peak styles are perfect for show jumping and ideal for a variety of other disciplines for a professional look make sure your show jacket matches your hat when buying a riding hat it’s so important to get on correctly fences here is how a new hat should fit you can see that should sit one centimeter above the eyebrows the chinstrap must be tight you should be able to put one finger between your neck and the strap that should be snug yet comfortable should look good and keep you protected a riding hat will protect your head from the fire and they are designed to last but if you suffer a bad fall your heart might need to be replaced even though there may be no visible signs of damage it’s much better to be safe than sorry a riding height is a very important purchase so make sure you get it correctly fitted and stay safe it’s a sample nothing beats Harry Hall

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