How to Choose & Use Horse Blankets : Buying Extra-Heavy Weight Horse Blankets
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How to Choose & Use Horse Blankets : Buying Extra-Heavy Weight Horse Blankets

August 11, 2019

Hi on behalf of Expert Village. com I’m Shelly
with AA Callister. Today we’re talking about to choose a winter horse blanket. Now there’s
different levels of weight for your horse blankets. This one is a heavy weight. What
makes this blanket a heavy weight is the veneer, the outer covering. Usually, a heavyweight
blanket has about an over a 1200 denear. This one here has 2100 denear as the outer covering.
You can see its woven tighter, through the camera, I’m not sure. Then the filling or
the insulation, or the warmth of the blanket is going to be over 14 ounces. Now heavyweight
blankets are what you?re going to use in extreme climates or very cold climates that get down
below zero. So an extra heavyweight blanket is going to be something that you?re going
to use when it’s really cold outside. Some people what they’ll do is buy two blankets.
They’ll but a lightweight blanket for the Spring and the Fall months, and then when
it turns really cold, depending on your climate, how cold your climate gets, they’ll move up
to a heavyweight or an extra heavyweight because this would be to much to put on your horse
during the Spring or the Fall when the temperatures are pretty moderate and don’t get down below
freezing. You wouldn’t want to put a blanket on this heavy. Your poor horse will start
to sweat. So only use your heavyweight and extra heavyweight blankets in extreme cold

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