How to Choose & Use Horse Blankets : The Basics of Choosing a Horse Blanket
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How to Choose & Use Horse Blankets : The Basics of Choosing a Horse Blanket

August 13, 2019

Hi, on behalf of, my name
is Shelly Roberts with AA Callister in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am going to show you some
points about how to do buy a winter horse blanket. Fist I would like to show you what
a winter horse blanket is. It is a body cover that will usually cover from their chest back
to their tail and this is Rudy here. Rudy also has on a hood and we will go into hoods
a little later but just a winter horse blanket something to protect your horse from the elements.
Now some people might say why does my horse need a winter horse blanket. Horses have been
around for thousands of years and it’s true mother nature has provided them with a layer
of head that will protect them from the elements. But as we have domesticated horses, we’ve
taken them out of their natural environment and put them in places that they wouldn’t
naturally be like in a snow covered pasture up to 3 feet where they can’t get any food
vegetation. So we’ve had to get horse blankets to provide them with the natural covering
that they would need in that environment that mother nature hasn’t provide for them. So
we will go over what a horse blanket is, types of horse blankets there are, what sizes there
are and how to size your horse for the winter horse blanket. So that is how to start choosing
a horse blanket, a winter horse blanket.

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