How to control flies – Equipment Review – The Horse Pal
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How to control flies – Equipment Review – The Horse Pal

August 29, 2019

Hi Everybody, I have to share with you a tool
that has been an invaluable resource on our property. Every time we have a new visitor come to our
property they see this and they ask us “What the heck is that thing?” Well, it is a horse fly trap. Or, better said,
it is a biting fly trap – and it works extremely well. It is made by a company called Newman Enterprises,
their website is and it is called the Horse Pal. Now, a couple of years ago we had a horse
on our property and over the Summer it had just a tremendous amount of Horse Flies bother
it, as well as our other livestock, our goats. And the flies were so bad, they literally
kept us out of our yard – we could not stay outside long enough to even get in the pool,
let alone enjoy the pool. So, needless to say, my wife said “Do something.”
So, I went down to the farm supply company and started looking at what the options were.
And I started buying the sticky papers and the sprays to put on the livestock and everything
else I could come up with, and none of it did any bit of good. So, I went online and started trying to think
smarter and not harder and not waste all my money on these consumable things and I ran
across this. Now it’s not cheap, but it is made in the
USA and it is very well made. This thing has sat outside through hail storms, high wind
thunderstorms, anything that you can imagine. And it is still doing as good of a job today
as it did day one. So what kind of a job did it do on day one? I put this thing outside, went in, ate dinner,
came back outside within an hour or so and it had trapped 30 Horse Flies. 30 of them,
that quickly, that’s the truth. As the time went on we found ourselves having
to empty it about every other day, because it was capturing that many horse flies. Now, that’s just how bad our situation was
in the first Summer. The second Summer we maybe trapped about 30
to 50 Horse Flies, I’m not really sure, but it was tremendously less. We maybe emptied
it out only twice. Last year we emptied it out only once. And
this year we hope that we’ll do the same thing. We’ll just empty it at the end of the season
and things will go great. But, either way, I know how well this works.
So, why does it work? Well, the gentleman that developed this thought
smarter, not harder. See, things like fly traps, or Zappers, that
work on the idea that an insect is attracted to light. But that is not so with a biting
fly. They sense heat. And those lights in those
bug zappers, they don’t produce heat, they just produce light. It is the little wires
around them that get just enough electricity through them to zap the bug. But it is not heat, it is not going to attract
a biting fly. Whereas this, the way that its designed he has what he calls a target, this
big black ball that swings like a pendulum underneath. As the ball heats up throughout the day in
the Sun the flies are attracted to it. And because it is on a pendulum, it swings
kind of naturally, so it has that motion that kind of attracts them as well. They come over and when they bite it, they
way that the biting flies fly is when they bite on an animal they fly directly up and
then they fly away. So the guy took that into account and made
this device. When they try to bite this black target they
fly up and they get trapped inside of this mesh area and as they continue to try to fly
away they work themselves up into this pickle jar, which has another funnel inside of it
and they get trapped, and they cannot get back out. And then nature just does its work and basically
bakes the guys and they die. Which, we try to turn things full circle,
we turn that around and we feed it to our ducks, chickens or whatever we happen to have
on the property at the time. Like I said, its worked out fantastically
well. It comes with a rebar stake that you put in the ground that goes through one of
these legs and we’ve never had it blown over in a storm or anything else. So, I would encourage you, if you have a problem
with biting flies, this is your solution. Don’t waste your time on any kind of bug zappers,
which might be killing off the beneficial insects. Don’t waste your time on traps or anything
else. We trap lizards on those glue traps. And the Lizards are what are suppose to eat
the bugs in the first place. So Don’t waste your time don’t waste your
money, go find you this, or a product just like it. And let the way nature works, work
to your advantage. This thing works on solar power and all you
have to do is unscrew the top, empty out the flies, screw it back on and you’re set to
go again. Thank y’all so much for watching. I hope this
solves some of your problems, and have a great day!

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  1. Thank you the invitation to visit your channel. I've enjoyed your videos so far so yes sir, you have a new subscriber. Nice review as well.

  2. I cannot recall ever finding a bee in it – not a honey bee, not a carpenter bee, not a bumble bee… and we have them all around there. Thanks for watching and sharing!

  3. very cool…now that you've won the war on the horse flies I guess its time to sale it to me an let me use it for a summer ha….just curious how much did this cost a few years ago…looks like its almost $300 bucks (shipped) now on their sight…think it would be easy to make one?

  4. how many flies have you caught? is it having the same success as his? where can we find a video of you making/constructing it? 🙂

  5. That is how much I paid. Crazy sounding – I know. You do get a very sturdy device for that money – this one has sat out in storms and several seasons of weather – having never been stored away over winter – just sits out in the sun. You could absolutely make one and there are plenty of people who have done so.

  6. It sure is working great for us. Crafty people might be able to make their own fairly easily. The concept is simple – which is probably why it works so well.

  7. We have a pool outside too and the fear of horse flies and deer flies has paralyzed my kids from going outside to enjoy the pool. Should I set this up close to the pool area(which would bring the nasty critters to us. .eeek!) or father away so that it would keep them away from us? We live on approx 2.25 acres but have a large open backyard. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  8. I would try to put it in sight of the pool (so any flies near the pool will see it) but also in the most sunny place you can. The warmer it is, the better.

  9. Got the Horse Pal, set it up, and put it close to the pool but we're still being accosted by those dang horseflies! I maybe have 2 or 3 in the trap, but I have tons of smaller-looking flies (striped bodies?) I have tried moving the trap around a bit, always making sure it is in full sun. I'm still so frustrated…especially after spending $300. I'm thinking of buying Fly Predators to use in conjunction with the trap. Any suggestions?

  10. Not sure what the other flies are. Also not sure why it is not trapping the horse flies. All I know is that I was skeptical when I bought it, but it worked wonders for me on day 1. I am sorry, I do not have any advice on what else to try as I never tried anything else. I hope it gets better for you, and quickly.

  11. Horseflies showed up here about 2 weeks ago. But we know how to deal with that. Here is a video about controlling horseflies.

    The video features a product we purchased, but I am sure someone with a little skill could build one that would work just as well, so use the video as a template for your design. The Design Works.

    How to control flies – Equipment Review – The Horse Pal

  12. My wife said I was nuts to pay $315 for something like this.  I actually spoke to Neal and what he said made sense. Came home for lunch yesterday and set it up.  Putting it together is easy, it takes about 20 min.  I set it in the back by the pool (where they seem to be worst especially while swimming) and by the time I came home last night I had about two dozen horse flies, both the black and the green heads.  I'm going to let it work for one week and then make a video.  The Horse Pal works!

  13. Your video prompted me to build a horse fly trap like the Horse Pal and it trapped 50+ horse flies that very evening! I had no idea we had that may of the little beggars around the house. Thanks for the incentive to get this thing up and going. We now have our back yard back!!   🙂

  14. Great review! Solid results and I like the idea to feed the buggers to your livestock. It's hard to argue about the cost when it will go on working for many years. If you have an update, or just mention it in one of your videos I would appreciate it. Thanks for your help!

  15. Thanks for the Vid…I bought one and its working really, really good! I'm gonna build another one

  16. Looking at all the YT horse fly vids. Seems that everybody is making it more complicated (and expensive) than it needs to be.

    (conventional way)
    Just hang singular ball from overhead superstructure. Ball doesn't need to be dark, blue, or black. Find appropriate sized BLACK plastic garbage bag. Wrap over the ball surface and secure. Apply tangle foot onto the black plastic bag surface. Flies land, stick, and no need for other superstructure capture gear. Remove bag, wrap up, and dispose. Re-apply another plastic bag on the ball, apply tangle foot, and go again.

    Someone used a worker's blue plastic helmet with painted-on tangle foot goo (ewwww!). I mentioned to do the same dark blue/black plastic bag over the (any color) helmet, secure underneath, apply tangle foot. Use, and when done with your backyard (or outback adventure), unsecure bag, and wrap up the bag and critters and dump into fire or trash can. Re-apply another plastic bag on the helmet, apply tangle foot, and go again.

    In any other situation, (especially out camping), use multiple hanging ping pong balls on a string, like christmas lights. Paint blue/black, apply tangle foot, and hang along a patio or fence line, hang down long enough so the balls move in the wind, sun heated, and easy to catch/dispose of bugs/balls. Put further ping pong ball fly traps out. If there is a conventional clothes line, an umbrella-design clothes line, a pool/beach/patio umbrella, or hang down from the fruit/nut/shade trees. Put ping pong balls under the lines, umbrella edges, or tree branches.

    100+ ping pong balls, string, black paint, and tangle foot less expensive than all the other superstructure gear. Easy to install, easy to clean up. Easy squeezy!

  17. Oh my gosh. I have got to get one. Now if they could just come up with something to kill chiggers.

  18. 03:45 I absolutely LOVE that you feed the flies to your chickens and ducks!!! I was just wondering about that very thing. Thank you so much for this video, our goats are being bothered by biting flies and I think this will certainly help. Wishing you well… I also feed Japanese Beetles to the chickens and as you've described so well, the beetle numbers are also in profound decline. Thumbs UP all the way….

  19. This is wonderful to see!! I just noticed we have some biting flies, and just flies in general out at the farm. My neighbor has livestock. I don't yet, but plan to, so I know the flies will come with time. Will definitely have to look into getting one. Thanks for sharing!

  20. How many units would I need for a half acre of land? Wouldn't they still try to attack me while swimming vs the horsefly ball in the trap?

  21. Buy black beachballs and strung them to surrounding trees and put sticky stuff on them. I did this last year. The death and revenge on the flys was very fulfilling.

  22. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Can you please provide information on that black ball? What is it made of? Does it have any kind of attractant other than the fact that it warms up because it’s black? Thank you.

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