How to Create an Outdoor Treasure Hunt Game Tutorial Part 2 (2018)
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How to Create an Outdoor Treasure Hunt Game Tutorial Part 2 (2018)

October 19, 2019

Welcome back, in this video I will
introduce general settings and publishing process of your treasure hunt
game adventure. By pressing the button “Edit” at the top of a tools menu you
will open project settings. Here you can insert all the general information that
will be shown to the players before we will start a treasure hunt adventure. You
can present the same game in several languages by writing different
descriptions. However, do not forget to add alternative descriptions for the
treasures and challenges too. To add general information about your project,
write down its title, description, location name, and insert the audio file.
To better represent your treasure hunt you can add a picture by pressing the
icon at the right of the window. Treasure hunters will see these details before
downloading your game. If you want to provide information at the start of a
treasure hunt press the tab “Directions to start”. Text and audio inserted here
will be presented once the game will be started. By pressing the tab “Location” you
can manually set project location or you can simply leave a one which is
automatically set. By selecting the box on the left you will allow application
to track treasure hunter’s location also if application runs in the
background. The Tab “Game Settings” leads you to a selection of the game mode. Here you can select the maximum number of players in the game and also decide if
you want the treasure hunters to see each other on the map. There are some
additional settings such as: allowing players to join the game at all the
times, request for an email or time base game which can be unlocked after
contacting us. Coupons are another readable feature, which allows game
creator to provide a discount coupon for a player after a set score is reached or
certain amount of treasures are found. By using the tab “Advanced” you can import
and export your treasure hunt game, in case you would like to share it with
friends. By pressing “Edit” below “Tour Map” and selecting “Add Tour Map” you will
open a window, where you can add a special map the top of Google Maps, which will be seen by treasure hunters. Insert alias, select zoom level and hit
“Save”. Then, carefully add latitude and longitude together with an image of map which you want to show. Finally, choose “Submit” close the window, and
select your map in the drop down menu. You can even sell your treasure hunt
adventure game to other people. Details for this feature you can find in
the tab “For Sale”. However, I encourage you to contact us if you want to proceed
with this. When all the project settings are set, do not forget to hit “Save” and
close the window. To make sure that everything is working as it should, you
can test a game before publishing it publicly. To do that, press the button
“Publish”. Here you choose “Test on Device” and then hit “Make the Test Version”, at
the lower right corner. Now the test game is ready, please enter the invitation
code on your device and check if everything is working as planned. You can
try a test game without going to the correct locations but by simply pressing
on the challenges. When you are happy with a results press “Publish Game” in the menu.
Here you can see it to which application your
game will be published and you can choose how long it will stay active.
After pressing the button “Publish” you’ll be able to see all the main details
about your game. You can start the game from application or by entering to the
“Game Control Panel”. Here, you have to press “Show Invitations” next to your
project name. You can start the game by pressing the green button and end it by
pressing the red one. Make sure you only have one game instance running at the
same time, to avoid a confusion. Players can enter into your game by finding it
in the “TurfHunt” application, entering the invitation code or scanning the QR code. Invitation code and QR code can be found by pressing “Select Action” and the
choosing “Invitation Code”. Do not forget to check other options in the “Select
Action” menu, those can be useful to follow and control the game. It is worth
mentioning, that several game instances can be created by pressing “Create Invitation”. You can choose different names for instances so that you will
know the purpose of a game and then hit “Create Invitation”. Now, you have all the
necessary knowledge to publish your exciting treasure hunt game. If you have
any additional questions, check out support menu or just drop us an email.
Have fun with your very own treasure adventure!

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