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  1. Howcast your videos used to be helpful in the past, but now they're about animals and short hair. Why did you change?

  2. Well fantastic now I know how old my little Smokie is congrats Smokie your middle aged I have no idea what your birthday is, lets make one up

  3. Make more videos where like you say what you need and step 1 and step 2 stuff not people talking

  4. If we knew when the turtle hatched we wouldn't be seeking the answer to this question. It's like saying you are the son of your father or the daughter of your mother, sheesh.

  5. how old are turtles generally when you first buy them from a pet store. my sister got two a few weeks ago and insists that one is pregnant but I don't think the turtles are even of age yet to be able to breed. They are red eared slider turtles and are both only about the size of my hand. I was just wondering if there is a certain age at which they are sent to be sold so I could fins out if its even possible for her turtle to be pregnant yet.

  6. This video literally said “know when it was hatched and btw here’s on way you can tell the age of a tortoise but event hat doesn’t work so you can’t really figure out the age of your turtle.” Like what’s the point of his video existing?

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