How to Do Soo Bahk Do Stances : The Horse Riding Stance in Soo Bahk Do
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How to Do Soo Bahk Do Stances : The Horse Riding Stance in Soo Bahk Do

September 2, 2019

Hi my name is Geoff Sterling from Hollywood
Soo Bahk Do. This is kind of a combination of stances we have already talked about. This
is a combination of a front stance and a horse stance. It is called a sucrutup jance. Jance
is stance and it is going to be a combination of those two stances I mentioned. Here you
are in a front stance as I mentioned and all that it is is that the back leg is pivoted
back like that and it is a good set up. Basically it is used for blocks and it is a good stance
and you will see why later but really we are going to do it on the front stance this way.
Make sure you pivot your leg back and then move forward. One thing also you want to do
when you do this stance is pay attention to the back leg. You pivot back here and you
want to make sure that you are pivoting on your heel and not on the ball of your foot
or you will go backwards. See that? You don’t want to retreat you always want to try to
move forwards towards your opponent and in karate that is our philosophy. If you are
pivoting on the heel of your foot you are going to go forward, so if you go like this
you move forward. That is kind of the idea that you want to move forward and that was
the sucrutup jance from Soo Bank Do and thanks for watching.

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