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March 1, 2020

Hello my friends and welcome to another
Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we
will sketch a girl with a running horse. I’ll begin using a small brush to apply
a light watercolor wash. I’m drawing with this ink or paint. When drawing a horse I usually start from the head, which is fairly triangular. Then the neck, curving like this… very slightly the upper part of it here more straight and the body. The inspiration for this sketch is my Instagram friend Chloe Carabasi who is a beautiful model and actress. I recommend you to follow her Instagram
account, which is full of wonderful pictures with horses and her of course! And if you are not following me on Instagram, please do so as well! [laughter]. And now let’s draw Chloe herself! We begin with the head and
face. I have to be careful because this ink or paint cannot be erased at least
not easily, however, that is also one of the reasons why I’m using it so light!
because if I do something wrong I can do a double line or a correction and then I
can go over it with a darker one and it would look okay. I apply a wash to the
shaded areas leaving what is catching direct light, white. Very good! That’s the base of the sketch and now I will use a falcon fountain pen to draw more detail and to give it more contrast. The list of materials that I am using
is in the information below the video. This ink can also not be erased, however it is much easier to apply it once I have the watercolor in place, but in some
instances I may not go over it exactly because I may be correcting or refining
the shapes as I go. To shade with the pen we can use hatching and cross-hatching. I love doing this! I love drawing so much! and I love horses and of course I love
drawing beautiful women, so I guess I’m trying to say that this sketch is just a treat [laughter]. This technique of applying the ink first with a brush in a light wash and
then going over it with a pen is of course very old and was used by the
great Masters, they used brownish colors. I am taking
their technique and giving it a more modern look with the blue. It’s looking a little flat, so let’s go over the shadows, the darkest ones again, to reinforce them. That’s better! It’s ready! If you enjoyed it please give
it a LIKE! subscribe to Fine Art-Tips and click on the little bell to get
notifications of new videos, don’t forget to visit Chloe’s Instagram account… and I will see you on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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  1. Hi Leonardo, great that you do the videos in both languages. I'm sure you are reaching a MUCH larger audience that way. I should probably try in Spanish. My German just is too minimal to work in. If you are looking for more painting demonstrations in inktense, check my channel ShawNshawN. Great work Leonardo!

  2. I'm happy to be here..Ur drawings really amazing.. I am still learning to be better,hahaha..thanx for Ur guide sir,👍😊

  3. Fantastic. Another wonderful lesson. Thanks a lot. Trying to order your Tuttoo3 but I always get this reply that they don't deliver it in Germany. Thumbs up for all your tutorials Leonardo. Cheers!!

  4. Interesting technique, wash and then pen. Though I don't own a fountain pen (yet…), I do have dip pens, some nice fine brushes and a still unopened big bottle of indian ink. So no excuses ( I am also married, and we have 6 horses so even live models at the ready😁)

  5. Even if I don’t take time draw, I still enjoy watching your videos. I try to teach seniors to paint but they are very sure they can’t draw. But I still keep trying.😁

  6. Just 1k more sir then it will be 1M subscribers keep it up sir love ur videos from India❤❤❤

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