How to draw an easy cartoon horse
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How to draw an easy cartoon horse

September 2, 2019

I’m going to teach you how to draw this really simple horse head with practice, you’ll be able to do it in
just a few seconds You start just by drawing a straight line down to the left then you’ll add the horse’s muzzle and chin and chin just an arc shape now you draw the jawline next the cheek is an almost half circle underneath the forehead now you’re ready for the ears do this with two strokes for the second year will be slightly behind the first ear add a few strokes for the forelock and the horse’s eye next, the nostril and the mouth now you’re ready for the neck a long arc and the throat latch, and mane if you like you can also drove the mane behind the horse’s neck as though it were
running or in the breeze And there you have a simple horse head

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  1. anyways, the way the cartoon horse looks, us amazing and when i drew it,i added in a couple things of my own

  2. Thank you very much! Thank god you posted this video. I was doing a art poster for my art class and this year is a horse year and I didn't know how to draw a horse. But with you help I could easily finish it!

  3. thank you for this very helpful video. i want to make some stick puppets for the children i teach and this was perfect!! nice and easy for me to follow ! πŸ™‚

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