How to Enter a Photo Horse Show in IMEHA
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How to Enter a Photo Horse Show in IMEHA

August 12, 2019

Hi, this is Hannah from This is how enter a photo in IMEHA’s free
monthly shows. If you already have an account, keep watching. If you don’t, click here to see how to set
up an account with IMEHA. Log on to your account. Click on the “add a new model” button
on the left. Click on the “browse” button on the right to select a photo from your computer. Click on the photo you want to enter and click the “open” button on the lower
right. Go up to the first box and enter your model’s name. I’m putting the initials of my ranch’s
name before my model’s name in case there are any other Marlins in his
class. Real stables and ranches do this too. Go to the box titled “Model Info” enter the color, breed and gender of your
horse. In the box below it, enter the mold or model of your horse if you know it for example, Breyer Classic Arabian mare. The name of the mold doesn’t have to match your horse’s name. Type comments about your model in the big box on the bottom. This is optional. You can also use this space to describe what’s going on in a diorama. Below the comment box you can choose to let other people see the judge’s comments on your model. Click on the “Add Model” button under
the form. Now you can enter the photo in a show. Find its name on the list and click on it. This will bring you to the model’s page. Go to the long bar with a show name on it and click it. Scroll down the drop-down list and click on the show you want to enter. Click the “Select Classes” button
to the right. Scroll down through the list of classes until you find the right one. Click on the box next to the class name. Then go down to the bottom of the page and click on the Enter/Update classes button. And that’s it! Good luck showing!

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  1. Thanks Trail Blazer Farms – hope to see you photo showing. There are classes for every brand of horses including china, custom, Battat and more !

  2. I hope I see you in the results!
    I enter in mostly OF classes.

    My name is Herondale Farms.

    These are my horses:
    HF Amused
    HF Dont Marc Me Down
    HF DontGetCaughtStarin
    HF Dun Stop This
    HF Fully Loaded Pun
    HF Half Full Growler
    HF Heza Flashy Guy
    HF Kenai
    HF Riveted Again

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