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  1. This is actually pretty useful for first-time rabbit owners that don't want to watch 500 videos explaining everything here.

  2. I already knew this. Every single book on rabbit keeping says it over and over. And who would get a rabbit without knowing anything about 'em?

  3. @NewZealandRed101 Ummmm, Timothy hay IS a grass hay just like orchid grass and medow hay!, Alfalfa is to high in calcium and can cause kidney stones EVERYBODY who know about rabbits will tell you this. Carrots are very high in sugar and olaic acid so moderation is key, Apples are also very high in sugar, but bananas are not good they often cause tummy upset and bloat! rabbits need green leafy veg for vit A and C! i dont know how many rabbits you own or care for but your info is outdated!

  4. @NewZealandRed101 DONT FEED CABABGE of course they will get sick! and i hope you didnt feed iceburg lettuce aswell…. Sorry but all my rabbit recues and breeders will tell you what i have said, sadley many breeders only care about the rabbits being very fat and need high protien for show rabbit It is much better of your rabbit can get it's vitamins and menerals from fresh food just like people. I am actually saddened to realise that people still feed rabbits that way.. good luck.

  5. My hamster HATES salt blocks, they're supposed to like them but this is waht happens:
    Me: Okay, Obey. (pronounced Oh-Bee) Here's an apple flavored salt block!
    Obey: Fuck off, i wanna eat.
    *Puts block in cage*
    *Obey kicks fluff on my hands*

  6. I totally agree with you! i was really offended by this..the video is teaching you how to feed them wrong!!

  7. everyone thinks im crazy that i feed the best everything and expensive for my rabbit..and me? well don't wanna talk about it o.o

  8. Because rabbits like to eat and poop at the same time, you should know when bunny eats poop they get proper nutrition so don't take it out unless its caked in the littertray, n they recommend tray as gd size to reach and get in. ♥ Hope tht helped.

  9. Newspaper are not good for the bunnies. Do NOT use them! The Ink is bad for them (also the printed box)! And Bunnies do not need any pellets! All they need is hay and veggies to be healty. I gave my bunnies pellets from the start and they got bad Teeth! Since I feed them only hay and some veggies, they got way better.

  10. This video should also mention that Timothy is not the only type of hay. There is oat, wheat, barley, alfalfa (legume), orchard, bermuda grass, para grass and herbal hays (which can be mixed with other hays just to make things extra delicious). Timothy is good but I love to mix many different hays but I try to limit alfalfa for my older ones because it is high in protein and calories!

  11. You can give them salt or mineral blocks, but to much can make them sick so don't leave it in there cages. Also rabbit can't have carrots endless there washed and there aren't any soaps or wax on them that can plug up there organs. I have been in 4h for rabbits for 8 years.

  12. They also only need a half a cup of food a night and should have plenty of fresh cold water.

  13. This is an amazing video! I a bunny named Biscuit, and before I got him I did lots of research and my favorite videos are these HowCast ones! Very informative and my bunny thanks you, too!

  14. Guess never feed your rabbits carrots it’s horrible for them they get Diarrhea and will feel very sick give them fresh banana or papaya or apple and then the only brand of treats I would recommend is the ox bow digestive treats

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