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  1. Oh, hello there!
    If you are having problems, such as it not appearing, let's go over it.

    Firstly, make sure you have the quest (in the ‘Tutorial’ section of the ‘Quests’ page).

    If you can't see the quest and haven't done it yet, make sure your Stonewood Storm Sheild is at least level 5 – if you can't upgrade it anymore, but it's not level 5, complete main story quests. (Thank you, Scotless!)

    I hope you find this useful, I recommend you do it if you own STW!

    If I did help, a Like, Subscription and even positive Comment would be appreciated!

    A follow on Twitter would be even more awesome, too –

    Have an awesome day!

  2. My storm shield is 5 and I see the quest, but there’s no highlighted hot rods anywhere in the cities! I looked so many times


    I told you not to

    Now you will suffer by scrolling down


    WHy did you click read more

    R.i.p u

    At least your almost there

    Jk ur not even close

    Keep asking your self why did you click read more




    This is what u get

    Was it worth your time?

    Your so close now



    why did u click read more????

    This is what u get

    Take the l

    I mean

    Take the L

    There we go

    Your really close now I not lying

    You win

    Like the comment?

  4. iT dOESNT HIGHlight The cars and i never get the parts. Even tho i have the mission even pinned it. NOTHING

  5. I found out how to get hoverboard pieces after I destroyed one of the special cars. I went around finding them, but this helped a lot!

  6. Ingot all ten parts last mission and.the next mission I couldnt use it I only had 2 parts and non of the hot rods give me peices

  7. Lol when I was in stonewood I just blindly followed every yellow exclamation points XD(I’m in a different country sorry if my spelling is bad)

  8. I finished the quest but it said *too many items? Like it says how I have *too many survivors. I have the hover board boost pad schematic but not the hover board. Any help? It's very weird.

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