How to Fit Your Horse with a Western Saddle : How to Adjust the Stirrups on a Western Saddle
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How to Fit Your Horse with a Western Saddle : How to Adjust the Stirrups on a Western Saddle

October 31, 2019

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you my tips and techniques to saddle your horse with the western saddle.
So one thing that you would want to do especially if you are riding in a western saddle for
the first time is make sure your stirrups are the proper length. You would want your
stirrup a little bit longer than you would in a English saddle. So you would want your
stirrup just a little bit longer then the length of your arm. If you do need to adjust
it underneath your stirrup fender, there is going to be a buckle here which you can slide
up. There is a little buckle that comes out which you could move up or down into the holes
to adjust it accordingly to your length. Then you slide this buckle down back over it. Then
you may need to pull on your fender to lengthen it or shorten it however, whatever direction
you are going. But you also want to make sure that your stirrups are even. Sometimes you
can tell if the length is right for you or not until you are actually on the horse and
get a good feel for it. But you want to make sure your stirrups are even so you would not
have on longer then the other. Cause that would throw you off balance. If you need to
adjust them, you just want to get off and move the buckle the way that you need to.
So that is how you want to make sure your stirrups are the right length of your legs.

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  1. Hmmm, not really telling us how or why you adjust stirrups, where they should be and how it should look when you are mounted. There are also over a dozen different styles of buckles for fenders to choose from, might be important…

  2. You might want to re-do this to show her actually adjusting the stirrups instead of just telling how to do it. There are lots of people who don't know or understand that the leather actually goes around the tree and will slide up/down to make the fender shorter/longer. A visual explanation is much better than just a bunch of talking.

  3. thanks i just got a new broke 3yr old registered paint horse and he does barrel racing and he came with a barrel sddle and it has that buckle. i seriously didnt know how to adjust the stirrups!

  4. @HorseRider160 Havefun with your horse! I am looking to buy a horse too and I am taking barrel lessons (: I think it might be easier to keep your stirrups if they are a little shorter than usual. Just my opinion try it first though

  5. @animalLuverify thanks I have been keeping the stirrups short but not so short that that my legs get uncomfotable:) My horse just had surgery so its going to be a while before I can ride him again…

  6. I agree I think shes to fat to actually show us the proper way to do it because if you look on 45s shes literally using her body wate to pull down the buckel I mean come on haha

  7. you suck i mean get some skinny girl out there thats a real "expert" at expert village to actually show us how to do the real thing with out breakn a sweat just because you have to use your body wate to pull down a simple buckle on a saddle

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