How to FLY off a horse
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How to FLY off a horse

August 23, 2019

this video was supposed to be called how to take pictures on horseback but then this happened hello? Hey guys, we’re at the stables we just need to pack up the horses and we can go How’s it going fellow photophiles my name is Ilia and welcome to the weekly Wednesday vlog! welcome to weekly Wednesday vlog a group a group of my friends from this horse club have been planning a trip to southern Bosnia for a while to go on a riding trip and stuff and they call me to be a photographer today’s the day we just need a wait for everyone to arrive here to pack up the horses maybe have a cup of coffee and we can get on our way yeah well guess what I was riding in a Mini Cooper so manly oh yeah and was freaking windy so putting up the tents was it was fun so bootiful place so my question club pegasus is rewarding its best volunteers with a horseback riding trip down nearby ma star you might remember from this video and I came along as their professional photographer the real question is how am I supposed to ride and take pictures at the same time I’m still trying to figure it out and that’s a challenge I’m gonna face tomorrow morning for the time being we’re just gonna go back to camp and enjoy a nice barbecue well barbecue was great but what I didn’t film because I was busy taking pictures is getting to meet the herd of wild horses oh I know right and here the fun part begins so we get up early in the morning and prepare forces to head out into the hills I right away notice that my horse was acting a little bit nervous and ice we found out why out of the ten horses we were riding two of them were from another ranch and hadn’t been ridden for years and guess what I got one of them now it’s true I have been getting kind of rusty with my riding skills because I haven’t come to training in like a year and maybe I was a bit too overconfident from our last riding trip but let me tell you the real reason my horse biggie is very independent he hates any pressure on the reins and as soon as he fills any he pulls his head down to loosen the reins so logically I was told not to hold him back as much as possible on the other hand he didn’t know any of the other horses and he was annoying some of them especially the tour guys horse so it was dangerous to get too close to the horse in front of me or any of the other horses for that matter otherwise one of them might kick him and then all the other horses panic and all the other riders safety goes to on top of that I had explicit orders to not go ahead of the tour guide no stress and so everything’s going awesome we’re trotting along and we get to a wide road and the gun lets us know that we’re about to gallop I don’t think I’d be looking to it that much if I knew what was about to follow let me show you so this is the guides horse these are the two other horses that overtook me as I was slowing down for some shots with my action cam this is me eagerly trotting behind the other three we break out into a gallop and suddenly I realized for the first time how much faster biggie is than all the other horses in no time I overtake the first horse and realize I’m gaining on the leader horse way too fast the second horse is too close on my left I try to pull right the third horse is right on my tail but I don’t have a choice I start pulling back on the reins to slow him down but big it really doesn’t give a damn he just keeps running his heart out putting too much weight backwards focusing too much on my arms and also having lost some of my riders instinct because I’m not coming to trainings my legs slip out of the stirrups and all of a sudden I’m the equivalent of a bag of potatoes tied to a back of a horse with with with a hairband in seconds I make it into the lead and losing balance by the second I decided I would take control of the situation instead of seeing a miraculous patch of soft gasp I use my last bits of energy to steer the horse into it as I fling myself to the side and okay I stock in the fall with my arms roll over like a hot dog and jump to my feet like a cat believe me I have never been as thankful for my giant ass bones that never break and for my guardian angel I pick up my dismembered camera and wait for the guy to come back with biggie who by the way just kept on galloping for like another kilometer don’t worry I’m fine I just got a couple scratches I got back on biggie and we went back to camp no galloping and the story don’t take pictures on horseback get a quad see you guys next week if I don’t die of something else yeah I’m too old for this

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    This was an awesome blog. One point is that your storytelling got so much better in this video, because you have a good story to tell and you maybe find some new ingredient and second point is that edit in this video is amazing. This is one of your best. I love it, great job, 0 critics about this one. :hug

  2. Like Oh my gosh! This was so entertaining! And your photography/editing is awesome. So glad the horse wasn’t injured πŸ˜€ oh and you too!

  3. haha Good thing you are okay and the horse is too. This has never happened to me but has happened to someone I was riding with.

  4. New friend and supporter on your channel, hopefully you and the horse are fine. Nice share and great editing of the video. Big like from us πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. hahaha I laughed all the way through this, your editing is amazing. I do love horseriding but have ever been on a hack like yours.

  6. you make great videos and your creativity is amazing..editing is awesome..flying off the horse seems scary but glad you are ok

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