How to Free Jump Your Horse
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How to Free Jump Your Horse

October 31, 2019

Hi, there, today i’m gonna show. You how, we set up the arena for a Free jumping school and some video of free jumping, some horses that, we did today so let’s get started hi, there, my, name is Laura and welcome to another video if it’s your first time here hey, thanks for stopping, by and if you Like to improve your riding and training when more ribbon set you next to our show are generally like other horse related Stuff than you are in the right spot Remember to subscribe hit that bell icon so you Don’t miss anything so let’s get going so i decided today do a little bit different thing with the horses We did some free schooling, free lunging, through a Jump chute at the barn and it was so much fun to see the horses go. To see, how They’ve jumped over top of the fences and just to figure things out a little bit too, now i’ve done this before A bit and i’ve seen People and they just kind of chased the horses around and around and around and the horses get stressed out so what We did here today, is that we had a bucket with Some grain in it at the end of the jump chute so that when the horses went through they Would stop and get a reward each time they, went through. This is really easy to do the horses weren’t Had never done this before. At least I didn’t think that the horses had done this before. So what We did was was first of all, made the chute with Some jump standards and some caution tape really easy. Easy to do all you need is 1 some caution tape Jump standards and some polls to make your jumps jump so, we put the jump standards along and made a Chute with, them very simple very easy Not very technical at all and just wrap the caution tape the tape that you can get at the dollar store with Around the jump standard so that the horses couldn’t be veer in between the jumps. It was that easy. So first time through We got someone just to leave the horses through to the end and then at the end let Them have a bite of grain. Then picked him, back up walked him around and led, them through Again at the walk over poles on the ground, let, them have, another bite of grain then the third, time through We jogged them through in hand over the poles on the ground And then after that they got the idea that they were supposed to go through And what they did go through at the end they, would stop be able to stop and get a Mouthful of grains. Each time they went through the got a reward it was that easy so then, we put the jumps up! We had was, we had a? Placing pole 9 feet cross rail and then approximately 33 feet for two stride to another vertical this, was the first time through for these horses so we didn’t Want to make it too difficult so we put the first horse, through 9 Foot rail cross rail and then again 2 strides to a little vertical no problems then the next time through i told the Person, who was leading the horse to the end of the chute, to the beginning of the chute, To, let go and she let, go but she didn’t take the lead shank off so take a look And see what that happened there so But the worst was fine she went through it and that was great What i really liked about this, is that the horse, was so easy and really Didn’t get too excited about anything and you could see here that the horse really just planted His front feet. Hit the nice the Got a really good approach to the jump rail Did it stride into the first jump and then two easy strides to the second Jump really, and then stopped, her bit of green the other horses that went through, we have this next horse Going through, and it first time through beautiful jumped the rails first time through let Them through the walk second time through at the trot in hand each time Allowing them to take a mouthful of grain. So easy to do. It just relieves a lot Of stress with the horse if they understand you know, what they’re gonna go through then They get to stop and get a reward so they understand that they can go through and then they get to stop. Otherwise You’re just chasing them with the whip and it just causes more stress than anything else if you don’t have Them stop. I really think that free schooling these horses, and free jumping, them, through a Chute like this it just allows the horse to figure out, where they’re, gonna put their feet but, we did have a few Fails and here are the fails with, the jumps and they just kind of oh, oh my gosh They, didn’t work out, oh my, gosh this pony He jumped the nine foot rail with the vertical and it wasn’t good so Take a look, at. These fails i Think, they’re kind of funny yikes Have you, ever free schooled your horse Put in the comments below, what your experience, was with free schooling the horses and if you think that free schooling is really good Put it in the comments below If you, want to if you, want to improve your riding position Take a look, at these videos right here They’re, really good. I think that free schooling Your horse really allows the horse to figure out what they can, do with their body without being interfered with, from a rider They can round their back more, stretch more with their head and neck, without being interfered with with the rider. Don’t forget to subscribe Hit the bell icon so you, don’t miss anything. Have You, ever put your horses through a, jump shoot like, this put it in the comments below I like to hear, about it thanks for watching this video and if you’d like to improve your riding and training win more ribbons at your next horse show, and Just and really like other horse related, stuff then, subscribe to this channel Thanks now see ya.

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  1. What I great tip for the grain. I free jumped my horse last week end, I leave him some breaks but was still using my whip quite a lot. Until he got to know what to do. It sure doesn't help our arena doors are frozen so there is only a pole closing the door and my horse wanted to jump it. I will try the method with the grain, but next time I am getting these doors closed also it will help.

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