How to go Horse Riding in Puerto Rico
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How to go Horse Riding in Puerto Rico

October 24, 2019

Welcome to this next part of the
adventure where Meredith and I go horse riding in puerto rico in Luquillo, and
we went to the Carabali Adventure Rainforest Park, where we got some
briefing on how to ride their horses and then we set off to go down to the beach.
Our group had about 15 people and it was going to take roughly about two hours to
go down to the beach and come back. We had two really good guides who helped us
along the way as they were giving us information about the area that we were
in, as well as, Luquillo and Puerto Rico itself. The best part about this
ride was obviously making our way down to the beach and riding with the horses
on the sand it’s pretty amazing. The weather was great and made for some
great pictures. So as we made our way down to the beach we headed down to a
resort, where we were able to get refreshments if we wanted to ,before
heading back to the park. One of the best parts about this trip
was actually riding with our horses in the water. Now, I would have liked to have
done it for a little bit longer but it was nice nonetheless. Once we were done with the riding, we
stopped off at a roadside kiosk before heading through to Luquillo and we
stayed at a really nice bed-and-breakfast called Love Soul Beautiful; and if
you’re gonna stay at any place in Luquillo this is definitely the place to go
because, for an Airbnb it was incredible. The host was amazing and she did a
really great job catering for those who were staying with her. The beaches in
Luquillo were not the best in Puerto Rico but they were rather nice .They also had
fewer tourists than a lot of the other beaches and it made for an enjoyable
time. We are at a karaoke bar, and we are in Luquillo Meredith correcting my pronunciation of Luquillo. Me: “Luquillo, Which I will never pronounce right, I have tried.” A lot. He has got it right occasionally. So we are at a bar in Luquillo and there is Karaoke going on. We have got the burger and their fish Tacos. Its loud and its fun. A variety of different tourists here, nothing major. thanks for watching and please subscribe

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