How to help horses with damaging nerve problems, Nov 2018.
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How to help horses with damaging nerve problems, Nov 2018.

October 24, 2019

Hi this is Ditte and I’m standing here in Rødekro with the king Oscar. One of Oscars problems is, that he is a head-shaker and then his owner of course went to the vet, as you should do, to find out what makes him do it. They describe it has something to do with shingles and maybe something with his lower back, but my experience with craniosacral therapy and head-shaking is, that mostly it has something to do with the nerves. What we can’t do anything about today, is nerves or that is what doctors say. I have a son whose name is Philip, who had optical nerve damages, and was born blind but today he can see, so you can’t tell me that you can’t work with nerves. We didn’t see this, but I have just loosened Oscars nerve system up, when I work with craniosacral therapy, I go in and work with the cerebrospinal fluid that flows all the way through the back and to his lower back on the horse. To me, it makes sense that the top and bottom is connected, firstly. Secondly what happens when we work with the nerves, imagine a car. Sorry I can call you that. Then you can have a cable that is broken. For example, the brake cable, so even though we have the brake fluid then the brakes don’t work. Then you can choose to change the brakes, which didn’t work, then you check the brake fluid which we have. You can’t fix the brakes when it is the cable that is broken, and that is the same with the nerve system and the neural pathways. If they are squeezed or broken, then you have to go in and fix them and you can do that. It just takes time, it takes a long time. I think that we could save a lot of horses, if we just gave them some time. I always start by loosen up the top by the neck and the cranium, because otherwise I can’t loosen the lower back. This guy is locked around the neck and has a nerve that is stuck around the first and second vertebra. Then he is also locked around the joint in his back. He is formed like a backwards S, you could say that originally, he is right handed. So, he moved all his weight to the left shoulder, down towards the right hindquarters. When a nerve either locks or breaks then you can connect the ends of the nerves, and we can do that today. It takes a long time, because your cells, no matter if it is a horse or a human, has to find its way to restore the neural thread that is broken. If you have other inflammations or injuries, then your cells want to go there to repair that first. That is why it can take a long time for the cells to go to the broken nerve. When you are dealing with nerve damages, then you can restore around 77% but rarely 100%. Then when I work with craniosacral therapy, I go in and loosen up all the nerves, so that the good cells find their way. That is why I think it is important to take care of both the nerves and the veins on the horse, but also the muscles, the soft parts and the bones. Thank you.

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