How to hook up a bumper pull horse trailer
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How to hook up a bumper pull horse trailer

August 20, 2019

Hooking up a bumper pull trailer is a simple
process. Here’s how you do it. Before you begin, make sure the trailer tires
are chocked for safety so that the trailer is secure in place.
Check that the ball and hitch are secure to the truck with a pin, and make sure the trailer
is jacked up high enough for the ball to fit underneath it.
Back up to the trailer, keeping the truck as straight as possible.
It’s helpful to have someone outside of the vehicle directing you. Stop when the ball
of the hitch is directly under the trailer’s coupler.
Lower the trailer by turning the crank handle. As you crank, the trailer will lower onto
the ball, and the jack will raise up off the ground.
Keep cranking the handle until it will not turn anymore. Next, secure the coupler onto
the ball by closing the collar. It should snap into place.
Then, put the pin through to keep the collar securely closed.
Attach the safety cables or chains to the hitch.
Clip the breakaway brake cable to the hitch. Finally, plus in the electrical cable.
Be sure to check that the tail lights and brake lights are working properly…
…and always do a final safety check of the entire rig before loading horses.
Good luck, and safe hauling! This video was brought to you by University
of Maryland Extension, providing solutions in your community.
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