How To Keep Your Hands Still While Riding Your Horse
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How To Keep Your Hands Still While Riding Your Horse

October 14, 2019

Anne Gage of If you’re struggling to keep your hands in the right place when you’re riding. If they move all over the place. Up, down, sideways. Sometimes stiff. Sometimes losing the reins. Part of that problem can be your balance. We try to balance ourselves with our hands. So, make sure first of all that you have the
correct position so that you’re balanced ear over shoulder over hip over heel. Sitting with a neutral pelvis on your saddle. Get yourself balanced and you don’t need to
move your hands around. And another quick thing you can do is put
a neck strap on your horse so you can hold that with your fingers while you’re holding
your reins so that if you do lose your balance you’re not pulling on your hands up and pulling
on your horse’s mouth. That’s your quick tip for today. Enjoy the ride.

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