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October 23, 2019

This video is on how to learn circles on pommel horse It would help if you could do circles on mushroom and I did a tutorial on that recently and I’ll put a link in the description below. First we’re going to start off with some hand pops or hand hops with our feet in back and our feet in the front. Next you have to figure out which way you want to go whether you go clockwise or counter clockwise And you can think of it as being similar as jumping over a fence as to which way you are going to go. So for this step we’re going to face straight ahead put our hands on the pommels We’re just going to jump and land on the other side. For the next step we are going to do the same thing, but instead of landing on the floor we are going to try and hold ourselves up and stay in a front support. An optional step that you can put in between going from this step and trying a full circle is you are going to do this step and stop in front, and then swing a few times and try and muscle your legs around to the other side. For the next step you can try a full circle in the middle but it might be easier to start down on the end So if you’re doing circles clockwise you are going to start on this end so you won’t have anything to hit on this side. If you are going counter clockwise, you are going to go on that side. So before we try a full circle on this end, we are just going to repeat some of the steps from before. When you start a full circle instead of starting straight like this, you are actually going to start a little bit to the side and for the first ones you are going to finish with your feet in the back right here. When you are ready you can try circles in the middle and in the beginning we are just going to try a circle and jump off in the back, but eventually we are going to try and do a circle and try and stay in a front support position. And then when you are ready you can try more than 1 circle Thank you Justin You can also skew your circles a little bit so if you are doing clockwise circles you can put this hand a little bit higher on the pommel and go a tiny bit out this way and it will make it a little bit easier.

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  1. I have 2 question. One people said ur skill disprove when ur age is 35? 45?…I forgot it. U know? And said All people can D level skill..Is it true? If Its true, My age is 25. Can I do it?

  2. very very thx. i want to swallow and front double salto, tong pei i know iys d..hehe. i really want to it.

  3. Wow! This is impressive. I did the flare on a mushroom and on the ground when I was in my 30s, but I could only do around 3-4 rotations maximum. I could never learn circles. I am trying to lose weight now and get back into doing the flare because I think it is a wonderful way to build core muscles. I am 45 now!

  4. Hi! Right now I can do zero circles. Though I can do some 5 or six on the bucket. As a 35 year old adult learning this, what would you say is the best progression? Would it be something like this? Bucket drills –> No Bucket mushroom circle drills –> pommel horse drills from this video? Or could I spend a little time working on drills for each in a session? If not, how many circles should I be able to achieve on the bucket before moving to your no bucket mushroom circle drills on your other video?

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