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  1. That rack is mild steel. A hobo with an electric reciprocating saw can cut threw that in seconds. I have a carbon v10 and I worry that someone would vandalize my bike if they got frustrated trying to steal it or something

  2. Do not even attempt to lock a good bike. Bring it with you or don't bring it at all. Locks only stop in the moment crimes.

  3. I got my bike stolen and should have used this method. It’s cheaper $1300 bike compared to yours. Lesson learned. Now, even if I got a $6000, I would not even leave it behind even if it is locked. Now I am too paranoid. Anyways, great video! Will definitely used this method. 🙂

  4. This bike is worth too much. Sure the thief would need tools and a van to steal your ride but $6000 is motivation for them to do just that. Possibly even in broad daylight and definitely in this deserted parking lot. Sure they run the risk of getting caught where people are around but this high value bike is worth the effort. It sucks but stick to cheaper bikes that aren't worth the risk. For a cheaper ride I think your video is very informative. Anything less than $1000. I think any video going over anti-theft advice should also include such common sense as never park your bike over night in an open public space. Even cheaper bikes will get stolen eventually if it's dark and there's nobody around (yeah it's happened to me).

    Where you lock up your bike makes a bigger difference than the lock. If people with the tools can access your property without being seen for enough time to steal it, eventually, they probably will. When I was in high school I really wanted a nice sound system in my car and I got two. Both were stolen from the train station parking lot area near where I lived. I realized it was the combination of having something worth stealing and being in an area where a thief could access my car without being seen for the needed amount of time to steal it. I didn't want to limit my parking to the extent required to not have my stereo stolen so I just settled for stock stereos. Lesson learned. Admittedly, I was hoping the first time was a fluke so I bought a second one.

  5. That is how I used to lock up my bikes in the parking garage of our downtown Dallas apartment complex. The only thing I did different was to use bike covers. I don't think anyone suspected I was locking up a $5,000 bike. Anyhow, I did that for 2-3 years and never had an issue…even traveled a lock leaving them that way.

  6. They'll just squirt superglue into the U-loch so you can't remove it and when you're forced to leave it overnight, they'll cut the rack or the lock with a portable disk cutter.

  7. If I had a 6000 dollar bike – I would never use that crappy cable lock in the first place. Any idea how easy it is to snip through it? I have a 1600 dollar bike and I use better locks than you. At the very least – get 2 good U-locks and secure both wheels to frame and bike stand at the same time. And if you want to do it the right way – also get a 14-19mm diameter manganese rich iron chain and a disk lock on top of the 2 U-locks. Not impossible to steal but most thieves won't bother and go for easier targets which could be stolen quicker.

  8. This lock works for a $100 Walmart bike. It doesn't work for a $6000 ebike. No lock works for a bike of that value. Just walk it in with you. If you're going shopping in a store, most places wouldn't mind. If they refuse, just ask to lock the bike inside the store. That way you can keep an eye on the bike. There's much less chance your bike would get stolen inside a store because there are security cameras, more people walking around, and you're also around to keep an eye on it. No bike thieves would run an angle grinder inside a store trying to cut your lock when there are security cameras and people walking around.

  9. I know its a pretty old video. But if you still use the cable for the front wheel you should get rid of it. Just use another U-lock to lock the front wheel to your frame

  10. Some shitholer stole our two locked up bikes from our backyard. Fortunately, the detective found him a couple of months later and he got two years in prison and is now making victim restitution payments to me every month. Fucking shithole anchor baby.

  11. Those locks won't stop a thief from stealing an expensive bike. Use a cheap beater bike for times you need to park your bike and save the expensive bike for times when you just want to enjoy yourself and don't have to leave it or let it out of your sight.

  12. Yeah but now the criminals are using a rechargeable metal grinder where they can just grind right through that entire raq101 pole and take your entire bike in one shot and then when there's somewhere else with your entire bike just for cutting that rack pole that you have it on cuz those rack pulls in normally Halo so to cut through it is Zim Zam and you're on and they take your whole bike and then take off those are the locks

  13. The problem with this method is that if the U lock is defeated the other two cables just come off without any problem. This is the problem of serially dependent locking. Intsead, you want to secure the same items on the bike using independent locking methods. The more diverse the method the better it is because the thief would need many different tools to defeat them all. Choose strong locks that require totally different method to break and lock all detachable parts of the bike to the frame or an immovable object such as bike lock stand.

  14. trouble is: the cables.
    these are made with multi wired steel. a bolt cutter can easily crush them making them easy to cut. ( divide to reign !!! ).

  15. There's a lot of low lives saying they could steal this bike I just want to say to you all that I'll try not to step on you as I don't want to have to scrape you off the bottom of my shoe Cause your all F'n low life Pieces of S#$T!….Low lives

  16. does people knows that stealing (part of) bikes is illegal ?
    why it only surprises me to found how hard you have to protect the stuff that YOU OWN ?

  17. if someone wanted to steal a bike then he would come with tools anyway. so any amount of locks are really just pointless

  18. Foolish. You don’t walk away from a $6000 ebike. Those locks are jokes. Even the most secure industrial rigging locks/chains can be destroyed in a minute. Your setup would be an absolute gift to a motivated thief with a basic tool.

  19. Really good locking system, I’ve just bought my first ebike and was worried about how to protect it from thieves. Best wishes from the UK.

  20. just cut the u-lock carry the bike home and then you have all the time in the world to get the other locks off

  21. Both wheels are secured? You gotta be kidding!
    Only the rear wheel is secured. Cable locks are really just an invitation to "Steal me!"
    They can be cut with pliers in seconds.

  22. Can anyone explain to me how the cable is helping at all, whatsoever, if the potential thief can get through the U-lock? If all they want is your front tire, they cut easily through the cable. If they are determined enough and have the tools to break the U-lock, then the cable comes right off with it. Am I missing something? I feel like I must be missing something. Help.

  23. So all a thief has to do is get through the D-lock and it all comes loose? Probably should use a separate padlock for the kryptonite cables

  24. It would take at least 5 whole entire seconds to cut that "thick" cable, releasing both the wheel (and fork FYI), and the dropper/seat. A thief could get your fork and cockpit off that bike in less than 3 minutes with your setup. I put ad lock threw the fork and lock that in such a way as you would have to remove the fork lowers to get the fork.

  25. The problem of this is that with an allan key the front fork and handelbars and brakes could be stolen really easy, even the shock and pedals, easier to get a cheap bike and more cost effective, also the thrue axle can be stolen easly

  26. Replacing the screws with tamper resistant torx heads is a good way to keep the seat and handlebar parts safe, auditable alarms and gps trackers coupled with a cheap lock are probably more effective here in the states with stand your ground laws you can break into a thiefs garage to get your bike back and if they try to stop you shoot them in the head and claim self defense.

  27. But a scumbag can easily steal your fancy Rockshox simply with an allen key. So you need insert the cable thru that fork too.

  28. Nah, if your bike is worth over a thousand bucks I don't reccomend this what so ever. Use a beefy chain lock for the rear wheel and frame and use a beefy u-lock for the front wheel. And then if you want a cable lock for your saddle that's up to you.

  29. Pretty cool ideas, but having so much security also just says, hey, this bike is worth stealing. Couldnt you just use one longer thick cable to do all the above? Then again, the ubolt thingie is probably much harder to cut than even the strongest cable. I was thinking of asking my work to make a bike cage.

  30. Great advice man! Thanks for sharing. Also, I know this is a pretty old video, but sick electric bike!

  31. Check out the channels of the Lockpicking Lawyer and Bosnian Bill. They are expert lockpickers and have even made their own special tool to unpick locks. There was only one that Bosnian Bill could not pick though, and I think the Lockpicking Lawyer would struggle for the same reason. Yes, angle grinders can cut through any lock, but it's a case of time and leaving your bike somewhere where someone would intervene. So NOT a busy public space because, like he said, people will find an excuse to walk away and ignore it. Leave it in front of a small business with a window front – they are more likely to stare and make eye contact with someone who looks like a thief for their own business' sake. And take a note of your frame number for insurance purposes of course. Don't lock it very close to a road if you can avoid that – because a van can pull up, remove the bike, and quickly drive off with it.

  32. why not, but yourself another Ulock, and set your bike parallel to the bar, so you U lock your frame + front wheel and frame + back wheel.. I'd do it for a 6k bike

  33. Dude the cable that you've used are useless… They can be cut in seconds…
    If you want to secure an expensive bike (which means that you can hold the thieves for 5 minutes – not less – not more) use this:
    D lock tight to the bike but long enough to secure one wheel

    Heavy chain with a good padlock to secure the whole bike

    But even with those tools you should never leave your bike unattended for more than 4 or 5 minutes! Always keep it in your eyesight whenever possible!

  34. A ratcheting cable cutter can cut through practically any cable easily.
    You'd be better off with about 3 U or D locks. And take the expensive battery off too.
    The more locks you have the longer it takes a thief to steal

  35. If you look at the value of the l8cks and cables used, it's probably possible to buy a cheap bike for cycling to the shops with the same money.

    I'd feel uncomfortable both riding such an expensive thing in a Western country, and needing to spend so long safe guarding it.

  36. My suggestion to all that Malarkie is to invest in pitlock security then all you need to worry about is securing your frame with a good high security D lock.

    And always leave your bike in an area where there is CCTV like outside a librray or police station, at the front of a shopping mall if you cannot do that always lock your bike up where you can see it from your location.

    I live in a high crime hood and I have never had any problems folloiwing these rules

  37. What if they simply took an Alan key and unbolted your rear swing arm? They can take your frame with the battery and control. And leave your seat front tire and rear swing arm in a pile??

  38. $6,000 bike? I would be so paranoid and I ride and lock up in safe suburb. One shouldn't really ride and lock up a bike that expensive but if you do, a $30-40 Blackburn u-lock from Dicks Sporting Goods won't be adequate enough. Rule of thumb is 10% of locks should be the value of the bike…. $100 lock on a $1,000 bike. A kryptonite u-lock (security 9 or 10 out of 10) would be needed but I would say you need a kryptonite chain lock as well. 2 HEAVY DUTY LOCKS. That wheel is probably over $200. I can snip the cable in 2 seconds…. Other factors are don't lock it to a easily removable pole or cheap bike stand like this stand as it can be unscrewed or cut with ease. Lock your bike in front of window or heavy traffic area. Ride a cheap beater up bike in heavy theft major city areas. Lastly consider an alarm. I have a bully u-lock that is very loud and it actually pages me when anybody tampers with the lock. With a $6,000 bike, you really need to look at pinhead security bolts. I can take apart a bike in a couple minutes with my tiny topeak tool.

  39. Yes… getting your expensive bike stolen makes you seriously consider carrying a high-velocity flesh and bone piercing anti-theft device… a.k.a. a [REDACTED].

  40. Better to eliminate the quick releases on wheels & seat. has what I used…worked great. Cables are cut in 3 seconds.

  41. Very helpful thank you. I am going to use three levels of protection. This locking technique (Many thank you's), an alarm system and I am going to see if I can find some E bike insurance.

  42. My advice is to remove, secure or have spare quick release for both wheels and seat if you don’t have pin locks because dickheads will remove them even in medium size cities in front of a McDonald’s

  43. To everyone, I also recommend buying a cheap bike alarm on Amazon for like $12 – $15 and fitting it under the bike seat.

  44. but where in the bike do you carry the you ock when riding becaus ei have a full-suspension bike and i cant attach the mount that comes with the lock to hold it

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