How to Longe a Horse : Horse Longeing Positioning
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How to Longe a Horse : Horse Longeing Positioning

August 13, 2019

We are now ready to longe. It is important
to begin with you have your longe line organized and it would be your left hand. That you have
our longe wipe ready. Alway important to use this when longeing so you can control the
path and the speed of the horse. As we move the horse to the circle it is important to
maintain the proper positioning of your body. Your hand should be pointing towards her nose
and your wipe should be pointed towards her haunches. Therefore making a v shape with
your arms. It is also important to remember to never put the longe line hit the ground
and the horse could become tangled with the longe line. As the horse goes around you want
to be very careful your feet should stay fairly still just pivoting in a circle. Not following
the horse, let them make the circle around you.

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  1. i dont leave loads of negative comments but this wont help beginners or even any one that wants a handd ! never hit the horse with a lunging whip she was lucky it dint kik her etc:)!

  2. Are you people commenting on the same video I just watched? She never hits the horse with the whip, the only point where she TOUCHES the mare is at :53, and that's because the mare was far too close to her. If touching a horse with a whip equates to hitting it, then putting a saddle on must be like hitting it in the back with a sledgehammer.

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