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How to Look Cool on a Horse

August 16, 2019

– Alright guys I’m
putting on my sunglasses true cowboy style. Here we go! – I don’t think
cowboys had sunglasses. – Well they do now. – Ready Mario?
– Ready. – Alright lets go.
– Let’s mount up. (horse neighs) (adventure music) (intro sound) (guitar plays) – The beautiful back
country of Montana is an adventure
lover’s paradise. From the towering mountains, to the flowing expanse of golden prairies. This wilderness can be
enjoyed in many ways. Yet nothing is more classic than to explore it on horseback. Today we are on location, visiting the ranches
at Belt Creek. What’s going on Coyote Pack? Today we are on
location in Belt, Montana. Now we’ve actually filmed
episodes here before and in the past we showed
you guys some horses, and you all wrote in the
comment section said: “Coyote why didn’t you guys do a horseback riding episode?” So today we’re here
with Mark Hawn, and we’re gonna head on
to the ranch aren’t we? – Yeah so we’re getting ready to head out on
seven thousand acres of pristine Montana wilderness. Heading down into a dry canyon, up to the mountain tops. Gonna be absolutely beautiful. – And we’re going
on the horses right? – Yes: riding on horses through the ranches
of Belt Creek. – Okay well if you
guys are ready. I know the crew and I are ready. Let’s saddle up, and head out there! The overall goal
of this adventure, aside from admiring
the beautiful expanse
of this landscape; is to ride the horses
out through the valleys, and up onto a vista
where we can capture some epic drone shots. But before we can head out, first: let’s meet our horses. One of the pack? Mario what’s this:
one of the pack? – What? Oh do you like that? – That’s cool
where’d you get that? – I’m one of the first
ones who actually get this. This is the official
Coyote Pack Backpack Tag. – I didn’t know that
those were out yet. – Shhh it’s a secret. – What’s your horse’s name? – This is Sunny. – Hi buddy. That’s a good looking
horse right there. – Hey how are ya? – This expedition into
the wilds of Montana will be led by Jenny Hennes: who has spent her
entire life training and riding horses. Alright guys we are heading out to ride some horses today. And now Jenny this is Dorrito? – Correct. – And this is the
horse I’ll be riding. – This is your horse. – Yes! I love paint horses. Alright I’m gonna actually
climb up on to the horse now. Is it okay to mount? – Go for it. – Here we go. You guys ready? – Lets see it. – Oh boy. – Very graceful. – That’s right. Ready to go. – You’ve done this before. – I was actually an extra
in Dances With Wolves. – That’s not true. – How do the stirrups feel?
– Alright. – Is that true Mario? – Absolutely not. – Saddle up cowboys, I’ll wait for you. – Alright.
– Are we gonna race? – No lone riders out here. – No. – I don’t think we’re supposed to race Mario. – Hey Dorrito how’s
it going buddy? – What’s the horse’s name Mario? – His name’s Dorrito. – Dorrito?
– Yeah. I like Dorritos.
– Cool Ranch Dorrito. Oh I see what you did there. – Yeah. Coolest horse in the herd. Alright guys, I’m putting on my sunglasses
true cowboy style. Here we go. – I don’t think
cowboys had sunglasses. – Well they do now. Alright boys well
you better saddle up. – Ready Mario?
– Ready. Alright lets go.
– Let’s mount up! – Here we go. Thank you Mario; for my camera.
– Pass you that. Good luck buddy. We’ll see ya on the trail.
– Alright. See ya. Nice to meet ya Dusty. And how is he?
– He’s great. He’s great?
– Trustworthy. Alright trustworthy, and I can leave everyone
in my dust right? (chuckles) – I don’t know if he
leaves people in the dust or if he gets left in the dust. (laughing) I’m not sure where
his name comes from. – Ryan how you doin? – Oh I’m going. – Alright we got
Ryan out here today. He’s one of the Brave
Wilderness Editors. – [Chris] Off trail off trail! – This is your first time horse back riding isn’t it? – First time. – [Chris] First time
off trail already. – [Chris] Sunny gotta
a carrot over here. Oh Sunny oh boy. Just pass by me okay. Beautiful Sunny. Beautiful. – Sunny likes you Chris. – [Chris] Beautiful. Alright stop. (laughing) – Alright guys we are headed down into the canyon right now. What’s really cool is this
little dog here running with us, that’s Busy. And Busy pretty much runs
the show around here, keeps all the bears away. – Dorrito, Dusty, and Blackjack are all highly trained
thoroughbred horses. And they are known
for their agility, speed, and high-spirited personalities. And it didn’t take us long, to realize that
each of these horses definitely have their
own personalities. – Why are we going down here? Blackjack no. – Uh oh. (horse hooves) – That’s my first-person
perspective right there. You guys are watching, and this is exactly
what it feels like to trot; check this out. Here we go. Good girl. Whoo! Yep very bouncy
shot right there. – How’s it going Coyote? – Good how’s Dusty doing? – Dusty’s doing great. – How are we looking Jenny? – Looking good. – So far so good. We’ve made it part-way
down into the canyon. Dusty how ya feeling? How about you Dorrito? Good horse huh? Dorrito’s doing an awesome job. I just finished
giving the audience a first-person
perspective in trotting. – Whoa. – It’s a bit of a bouncy shot. – It is bouncy. He’s got the gimbal. – How’s it going guys? – Going good. – Gimbal’s working it
well on this horse. – Nice. – Alright see you later guys. – Forward ho. (western music) (horses trot) – How’s it going Mark? – It’s going good. Three amigos with Go-pros. – I’m having a good
time on the trail. Eating flies, looking for bears. – Whoa! Strike zone. – Riding horseback out in
the back country of Montana, doesn’t get much
better than this. Isn’t that right Blackjack? He said yeah. – Wow it’s pretty
cool to be out here in Montana on horses, and I can just
imagine what it was like back 100 years
ago when people were coming across the prairie. Settling some of these lands and just
experiencing this wilderness for the first time. Pretty cool. (uplifting music) (horses trot) (uplifting music continues) (uplifting music ends) – Whooo look at that view! Wow big sky Montana. – We made it. – Yes! What an epic ride huh guys? – That was incredible.
– Yeah. – Certainly was: exploring
through the canyons and finally making
it to this plateau, which looks like the perfect
place to fly the drone. – I think that
sounds about right. Why don’t we get the bird
out; get some epic shots? – That sounds good to me. Alright guys how
about an off-show? – Let’s do it. – I’m Coyote Peterson. – I’m Mario Aldecoa. – And I’m Mark Vins. – Be brave. – Stay wild!
– Stay wild! – We’ll see ya on
the next location. Alright! Whoo! – Alright let’s turn her on. Here we go. (drone buzzes) (western music) (western music continues) (drone buzzes) – That’s a wrap. – [Coyote] The
ranches at Belt Creek are truly a magical place; where you can find
three-hundred sixty-five days of great outdoor activities, five star accommodations, and rustic simplicity. If you are interested
in visiting this
beautiful location, make sure to check out
their website for details on how you can book
your next adventure. Do you want to become
an official member
of the Coyote Pack? If so make sure to pick
up your Starter Kit: which includes the
iconic pack tag, adventure guide, and of course, the one and only
Brave Crew bracelet. The Coyote Pack Starter Kit is the best way
to show the world that you are one of the pack. And it’s available right now. If you enjoyed this
episode of “On Location”, make sure to go back
and watch as we traveled into the remote wilderness of the Tuinskloof Game Resereve, where we came upon a series of ancient cave paintings. And don’t forget: subscribe so you can
join me and the crew on our next big adventure. (outro sound plays) (coyote howls)

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  1. Actually from my riding western experience for a year (I now ride English) trotting is different in the English version. Instead of posting you let yourself bounce.

  2. Am I the only equestrian that watched this and got triggered? If you call it horse BACK riding you pretty much don’t know how to ride. Those are not thoroughbreds btw.

  3. Ok have a horse bolt on you have a horse rear and fall back on you get thrown into a wall get kicked in the stomach, no hate but still there’s really no hate the only time to look cool is to impress big name trainers trust me it hard but I’ve done it before??

  4. OMG i love riding and i can gallop around too and im only 11 XD oh and you should be wearing boots yo could get blisters like that i have before.

  5. Lol sorry to burst your bubble but your not riding the horse right it doesn’t rlly matter if you look cool or not it matters if your safe the horse is safe and you know how to ride :ps you need to shorten your reins

  6. Before the question how to look cool while riding the horse first my question is how to get on the horse when he hates you ????

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  8. I ride a horse and own one her name is pixie and I have been riding for 6-7 years best thing in my life ❤️?she a paint

  9. I’m sorry coyote but as a horse person I have to tell you 1) those aren’t thoroughbred 2) you aren’t riding it properly

  10. Those are not Thoroughbreds.
    And how to look cool on a horse:
    1. Know how to ride a horse properly.
    I am a horseback rider and you do not know how to ride.

  11. You probably should of had a riding lesson or two prior to this video, because there are many mistakes. I ride English rather than western but still picked up on some things you could improve on. Horses are such beautiful animals.

  12. Dude if you want to look cool learn how to ride properly that is it because cool people are equestrian people

  13. You guys should have taken a riding lesson in an enclosed arena before going out because you look very unprofessional because you are yanking on the horses faces and bouncing like crazy and those are not thoroughbreds

  14. Coyotes Horse is an American paint, thoroughbreds are never going to be white and brown, thoroughbreds will always be one color. P.S throughbred sometimes have just a little white on the nose area but that's pretty much it.

  15. Sorry, ain't thouroghbreds. They look more like quarter horses. Btw, obviously, horses have their own personalities just like dogs, cats and humans. Horses are really intelligent and are one of my favorite animals I love them soooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like oH mY gOd.Oh also please try not to pull on the reigns it's bad, and I personally know what it feels like to be yanked on the mouth

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    Ps: love ya Coyote

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  21. You don't look cool when you don't know what your doing. People need to realize that horses are not props and they are living animals that can easily bolt or buck you off. You all clearly don't know what your doing and should've taken a lesson on how to ride first. You are in no place to be cantering or galloping. The guy at 7:34 yanked way to hard on that horses mouth too. Take a lesson next time.

  22. the guy at 7:34 yanked way to hard on the poor horse mouth so did the guy in the middle just because you want to look cool or go fast and do tricks doesn't mean that you should pull that aggressively on the horses mouth because its still a animal and it still feels pain.

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