How to lunge a horse – Ride-away
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How to lunge a horse – Ride-away

October 21, 2019

[music]>>RIDE-AWAY: Today, we’re going to share
our method of lunging a horse. You’ll need a lunge cavesson, hat, gloves, lunge line,
lunge whip, and you’ll both need boots. Clip the lunge line onto the ring for the
side you want to start working on. Stand in the middle of the circle with your
horse, and encourage it move away from you onto the outside circle. Now you can ask the horse to walk. If you’re working to the left first, hold
the lunge line in left hand and the whip in the right to form a triangle to the circle. Have your arms and body relaxed. Remember never to wrap the line around your hand. Altering the tone of your voice helps the horse to understand, use a low, soft tone
for walk and halt, and a high, energetic tone for faster paces. Have the horse going forward, before asking for an upward transition. The transition can be reinforced with the
whip, it might only take a wave. Some might need a pop of the whip, but never hit the
horse. When you ask for halt, he should stay on the
circle, but if he comes in gather up the line. Lunge equally both ways. When you change the direction, swap the line and whip over in your hands. The faster the horse is going the bigger the circle needs
to be. Lunging is good for observing movement. Helping a horse to work in a circle, provides controlled exercise and is great for working on a rider’s position while another person
controls the horse. [music]

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  1. Gloves for what? XD You are not wrestling a horse. Even if you were you wont win. Horses don't need boots, do you see horses with boots in nature? No. If you cant lunge a horse without awhip don't do it at all.

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