How to make a hammock
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How to make a hammock

March 5, 2020

– So, are you looking for quick DIY projects that you can do at home? Well then, let’s build a hammock. (instrumental pop music) Hey what’s up guys Little
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check out the links, and show notes in the description below. Now, let’s roll on outside. So, here’s the stuff you need. You’ll need four washers, which are these metal discs. You’ll need a drill. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dewalt. You’ll need two different
types of drill bits, or I will because I’ll
be doing another project that I’ll show you guys later. Then you need two dowel rods. Uh, in this case I’m using
four feet dowel rods each. Then you’ll need three, or
more, rolls of duct tape. Now let’s cut to the video. So what we did was we zip tied the dowel rods to the sawhorses. That way we can move ’em. We can roll ’em. They just won’t fall out. So we measured the distance between the dowel rods to exactly, or almost exactly six feet. Now, let’s get onto the taping. Okay, so guys we finished
the hammock strands of tape, and now all we have to do is tie it up. But let’s test it out. – Come on. – Perfect. Hey what’s up guys? Let’s do a quick recap. So you take the four
foot dowel rods, right. Then you put ’em on the
sawhorses using zip ties. Then you get the pieces of tape. Start right here. Wrap it around three times. Go to the other side. Wrap back around here and tape it off. Then you rinse and repeat, and then we get to the next step. Which is the cross strips. Cross strips are basically
just one or two pieces of tape going over and below the main strips. The horizontal strips. Then you drill a hole
with your Dewalt drill, or household drill. Then you screw the eyelets in, and attach with a bolt and a nut. Then what you do is you use a, whatever you guys are using for rope, in the our case we use a tow strap, and we attach it to the tree. Don’t forget to click the link
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