How to Make a Hobby Horse For Kids : How to Attach Bells to Hobby Horse Bridle
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How to Make a Hobby Horse For Kids : How to Attach Bells to Hobby Horse Bridle

August 22, 2019

Hi. I’m Karen for Expert Village. Next we’re
going to sew on some bells. I like to use a nice heavy, the heavy duty thread that we
used to attach the horses head to the stick. I’ll use that for the bells. I like to use
a large bell so that they’re not a chocking size. And you’re just going to sew them by
hand onto our ribbon. The bridle ribbon on the side of the head. So you can start by
doing a good knot and then put your needle up through the back of the ribbon and then
just grab the end of the bell and pull it down like this. Going through a few times.
Whoops, my threads getting a little mixed up. Just pull it good and tight and going
through another time. So three or four times with a heavy duty thread should be sufficient
to hold that bell on.
And finish with the needle going to the back. Kind of flip it over and then sew your knot.
Okay, put it through, grab the loop, pull the loop down. Now you have a new loop. And
then through one more time. That makes a good knot. Okay. We’re going to sew three bells
on each side. So you’ll need to cut your thread and re-knot it to each bell. Okay. We’ll just
finish up with this last bell. So we have six bells. And the bells are just a really
fun touch on the horse. And it really makes it fun to play with. Make all that noise.
And then last we are going to put the ribbon on the end to make a bridle. I’m just going
to tie the ribbon onto the loop. Just make a knot. You can leave it like that. And then
you want to just take a look at how far, how long it’s going to be. Probably about that
much. About a half a foot off of the head for good play. Then go on the other side and
we can tie that off there also. And just leave the end loose. And that is a really nice traditional
hobby horse.

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