How to Make a Hobby Horse For Kids : How to Make Bridle for Hobby Horse
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How to Make a Hobby Horse For Kids : How to Make Bridle for Hobby Horse

August 10, 2019

Hi. I’m Karen for Expert Village. Now I’m
going to show you how to make a bridle for our horse. You can use a variety of pretty
ribbons or straps. Anything you can find that interests you. You can even take strips of
fabric if you want, to make this bridle. Now you can do it with a ring or you don’t need
the ring. If you want you can just take a ribbon and put it around the nose like this.
And then take another ribbon that’s going to go around the nose like that and just hand
stitch it in place. Okay? If you want to you can use a ring. This is how we’ll do it. I’m
going to just take a piece of fabric and fold it over the side of the ring and I’m going
to sew that in place with a sewing machine. Okay. And then you’ll take the ribbon around
and cut it off where you have enough to overlap it. It’ll go like that. Now you can do it
with a ring on either side, too. I’m only doing a ring on one side. And then the other
piece will get sewn on the ring like this. Again, I’m going to sew it with the sewing
machine first. Then I’ll finish it with a hand stitching. Just go back and forth to
secure that nice and tight. And trim off any of the strings. Okay. So we have one that goes up around the
top and one that goes around.
And the top one should come up. Just part the mane a bit and have that go up over the
ears and underneath this one like so. And then around and back around the ring. I’m
going to cut it just a little bit past the ring so I can fold it over. Like that. And
then you just want to hand sew that in place.

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