How to Make a Hobby Horse For Kids : How to Stuff Hobby Horse
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How to Make a Hobby Horse For Kids : How to Stuff Hobby Horse

August 14, 2019

Hi I’m Karen for Expert Village. Now we’re
going to stuff the head of the hobbyhorse just take this poly fiber fill, and you want
to stuff it, in little clumps, and first start by getting it all the way down to the end
of the nose. It’s better to stuff with small clumps like this instead of trying to jam
and a whole bunch at once just stuff a little clumps one at a time and you can, you have
more control over how compacted it is if you put it in a little bit at a time. So we just
grab a fistful and work it down. You can make it very firm, the harder you push down the
firmer it becomes. or you can make it more squishy. It’s totally up to you what texture
you want it to be. If you put less stuffing in then your heads a little more floppy, more
is going to make it very firm. Just stuff that right along. And you just want to stuff
it pretty much full. And we might add a little more stuffing when we put the stick in. While
we might want to add a little bit more stuffing. We’ll just get stuffed for now. We’ll want
to sew are ears on next. so we want to have a good and firm to be able to sew our ears
on. Okay.

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