How to Make A Humanzee
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How to Make A Humanzee

October 28, 2019

There are a bunch of cross species hybrids out there: mules, ligers zebroids, beefalo, we recently discussed the majestic grolar bear but we tend to think of humans on a different level from that. We are human, there’s no species even close to us; how
could we possibly interbreed with something– also, blegh!
But guess what? It’s been done. And some say it could be done again. It’s been done because we all have a
little bit of Neanderthal in us, as we’ve discussed previously on SciShow, the average European is one to four
percent Neanderthal. So, in effect, we are all inter-species hybrids – though that DNA has become so ingrained in our species that basically it’s part of what
makes us human – but the more frightening and fascinating question to ask is ‘could
it happen again?’ Many have asked and some have even had the urge to try to
discover whether it is possible to interbreed humans and our nearest genetic relatives,
chimpanzees. Now before we proceed any further, let’s be clear that the official
position of SciShow, and hopefully of humanity is that this is a terrible idea.
It is deeply immoral; the creation of a potentially sentient organism, likely with many genetic disorders, who
was the only member of his’ or her’s species, so that we can study it for
science, is bad and wrong and pretty much the definition of evil. But, it is nonetheless a fascinating thing to
discuss, as long as we’re not actually thinking about doing it. So first, is it possible? Well humans and chimps do
share a lot of DNA. They do have one more pair
of chromosomes than humans, but different numbers of chromosomes isn’t an absolute barrier to interbreeding. In fact there are some species were individuals within
that species, have different numbers of chromosomes and they managed just fine; a
condition known as chromosomal polymorphism. In fact, in 2010 a perfectly normal
fertile Chinese man was discovered to have a only twenty-two chromosome pairs. In the end the genetic difference between human and
a chimpanzee, is roughly the same as the genetic difference between a horse and a zebra; and zebra-horse hybrids happen all the time. A quick note on terminology here, when geneticists create these name mashups – which they actually do for hybrid animals – they put the father
first in the portmanteau mother’s second, so if it’s a male
chimpanzee and a female human, that’s a ‘chuman’ and if it’s a male human, and a female chimpanzee, that’s a humanzee or a manpanzee. Yeah manpanzee. In 2006,
genetic researches suggested that after the last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees – which lived between 5 and 7 million years ago – there was interbreeding between the human and chimpanzee lineages for 1.2 million years. That’s not that surprising, since those
lineages would likely have been very similar and living in the same geographies, but it was a bit of a shock to paleoanthropologists when the news broke. There’s no evidence however, of recent human chimpanzee hybrids, though not for lack of trying. In the 1920s, a soviet biologist ‘Ilya Ivanov’, implanted in his own sperm into a number of apes, including chimpanzees and orangutans. Even more creepily he attempted to inseminate human volunteers with ape semen. The good news is, he was never able to do that. The bad news is, it was because all of his primate test subjects had died likely due to being severely mistreated. Ivanov’s research never resulted in a pregnancy of any kind and eventually his research came
under scrutiny – somewhat unsurprisingly – the government freaked out and exiled him to Kazakhstan, and he died there a couple years later. That terrible research is the extent of what we know for sure, about whether human chimp hybrids are possible and with luck, it’s the most we will ever know for sure. Whether or not it can be done I hope we can all agree that it shouldn’t.
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  1. I think it needs to happen. Don’t bring it to term. Just successfully fertilise an egg. That will settle the issue of common ancestry in every creationist mind and we can move on.

  2. I think we totally should do it. We already do it all the time. With mental illness. As a person with mental illness, I think this could actually help us to be able to help so many people with so many things, we need to at least try.

  3. We should try to do it! I would love to see what a humanzee would look like! We're just creating what nature allowed us to create. It can happen between a chimp and an uncontacted group of people in the amazon, so it's natural!

  4. These videos are useless, I could get more information from Wikipedia. There is nothing on this channel that I don't already know, and I don't even know a lot.

  5. Tell tell us, we match apes 99%. But why? Well the most simple thing for them to  do is look at single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and count those directly. They do this because it obtains the highest number possible while only looking at a small area. This is where the 99% figures come from, as human and chimpanzee DNA are 99% identical ONLY with respect to SNPs.

    Shared DNA does not mean identical DNA. The percentage identical for chimpanzees to humans is actually 70-80% when taking into account the entire genome size and measuring for identicality rather than similarity.  Only 29% of chimpanzee proteins are 1 for 1 identical.  When you start looking at other regions Genetic similarity by phylogeny is now dead. realm. In 2002 it was shown that human/chimp similarity was less than 95%, And in 2010 it was shown that the Y chromosomes of human/chimp were less than 70% identical. the chimp Y chromosome is only half as long as the human Y

    chromosome, meaning there is less than 50% overall similarity. The authors of that paper concluded the human/chimp Y chromosome differences were as great as the differences they expected between humans and birds! From an evolutionary perspective, to get this much divergence in 6 million years would require an incredibly high mutation rate for the Y chromosome. I want you to realize that the hypothetical evolutionary common ancestor of humans and birds would have lived at least 300 million years ago, to account for such drastic genetic differences.  There is no possibility that the same amount of genetic change could have occurred in just a fraction of that time, since they claim humans allegedly diverged from a chimp-like ancestor just 6 million years ago (50-fold less time).

    The profound differences between the human and chimp genomes will be shown to be even greater, once the chimp genome is re-sequenced. The chimp genome was assembled using the human genome as a template – which greatly

    biased the assembly and excluded perhaps 20% of the most divergent chimp sequences. The 98% mantra was driven

    by the desire to indoctrinate, rather than a desire to discover. Why does 98% vs. 70% matter? First, it matters because it shows that humans and chimps are not “nearly identical.” and as you are about to see below, a lot of things have more genetic match to humans than even these so called closest ancestors. Even cows share 80 percent of their genes with humans. A 30% human/chimp genomic difference represents about one

    billion genetic letter differences. The reason evolutionists are so strongly committed to only a 2% difference between man and chimp is because larger differences would make the evolutionary story of common descent impossible as your about to see. The collapse of the 98% identity paradigm demolishes the evolutionary explanation for human origins and common ancestry.

  6. Its definatly neem done before. It's right here look.

  7. Why does he say "We all have a little neanderthal DNA in us."
    Then goes on to say "most Europeans…"

    Not all your viewers are white.

  8. I want someone to write a book about this.

    Also why the hell does the father get named first, it should be the other way around.

  9. "The average European has 1-4% Neanderthal DNA, it's part of what makes us human"
    Sub Saharan Africans have 0% Neanderthal DNA.

  10. heres a question. we know the human genome has split before. now ask this. how many changes must occur before we deem a group of people a new branch of human genome? how would one intentionally isolate a group so that over a course of time, their offspring could/would be considered a budding new branch? How mutations does it take before we consider something to be changed enough to no longer be what it started off as? Id like to think , despite any advantageous adaptations they may have that differs them from us, they are still our brothers and there for equal. what environmental changes, whether consequence of human activity, or not, chemical, the way we shape our cities, even the way we choose to live, may eventually change us on a genetic level, and whether those genetic changes and adaptations are beneficial , would it be ethical to encourage breeding among the branching individuals with each other, to strengthen those changes, or with the previous branch to spread those traits among the rest of the population?

  11. I'd want multiple ones to be made. Just to see the variation. Some are bound to look way more or close to full human, while others look more chimp, and other 50/50. Then we can make a 75% human 25% chimp.

  12. It is possibile. By doing "genetical pump" of incest-hybridisation-incest (by turns). Meaning one must hybridise only incested offring. It's just doable.

  13. Disagree with you Man, genetic engineering to improve our species and/or to uplift other animal species to sentience/sapience is not inherently evil. In fact it could quite Godly to act as God's agents as Sub-Creators.

  14. It turns out many people don't agree with you. God is a Scientist & we were created in his image. We are given our brains not just to understand our reality but to adapt it/modify it. If we can learn how to resurrect extinct animals/create new ones & uplift Chimps, Dogs, Dolphins to human level intelligence then we have a duty to do so. No science that we rely on now has no thorns from it's past in other words you need to break a few eggs in order to make a delicious omelette.

  15. Actually would love to see how a chimp embryo that is "changed" from 48 to 46 chromosome (like we were) would be like… Please do that experiment. 🙂

  16. So bestiality is a thing that happens in all societies. There are Orangutan brothels for crying out loud. We tried plenty, guys. We can't hybridize.

  17. Question to all the scientist: If we came from monkeys why do we have to make "humanzees" and there aren't any being born naturally especially since humans are reproducing and having babies all the time.

  18. there is nothing evil about experimenting actually there is no evil at all it's only human perception and subjective morals and values there only cause and effect 200 year ago it was totally normal to own a human being 2000 year before that was normal to sacrifice humans to gods or eat them for dinner who knows maybe 2000 year in the future they will think we are evil today for doing the most normal things so who's right and who's wrong us, our ancestors or our descendants we can't be all right that's for sure so bottom line is there is no good evil right or wrong that's only human fear who try to avoid things by labeling them wrong or evil so i think this experiment should happen and if this was my field i would have tried it can you imagine the discovries we can get from fkkin around with human and chimps genes we can probably end diseases forever we could maybe revive ancient hominins such as erectus and neanderthals and we put them in zoo's and wild life park while studying their behavior maybe even revive the dinosaures genetics and DNA are like biology coding we should fully understand it and not stop because of some ethical and moral bs they are the key to understanding everything about life morals are such a low price in exchange of all that knoweldge

  19. Why not make humanzees for experiments?
    They would be closer to humans than mice and would still not be humans(so it would be as much ok to experiment on them as it is with mice).
    It could help us treat so many diseases in almost zero time.

  20. Bro I’m thinking about doin it sorry guy, I’m about to head out to the rainforest. Anyone want anything while I’m out?

  21. Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA was 15-16ths human and 1-16th chimpanzee. Eurasian humans are not hybrids. Neanderthals and Denisovans were hybrids.
    The most likely way this happened was a human male mated with some thing that was 7-8ths human and 1-8th chimpanzee.

  22. 1. This is wrong on so many levels it just shouldn't happen. Not just with chimpanzee but any other animal.

    2. Even if it ever happens please please the human must be male. The thought of a human female carrying some animal sperms in her is really really dustructive to human integrity.

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