How to Make Money on Horse Racing
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How to Make Money on Horse Racing

August 15, 2019

Sportastic presents: How to Make Money on
Horse Racing The internet today is considered a golden
age for gamblers, with a large number of bookmakers and betting sites competing for those potential
gamblers, and thus offer them a lot of great promotions, free cash, bonuses and almost
endless betting possibilities. If you are disciplined enough to exploit these
great offers of the betting sites, you can enjoy margins virtually non-existent and get
amazing prices. In this video, we will share with you some
golden rules and must know tips for successful betting when it comes to horse betting, so
you too will be able to exploit all the wealth that is waiting for you out there on the various
sports betting sites. Expertize
There are a lot of betting options when it comes to horse racing, especially in the summer,
and it’s almost impossible to be on top of all the races and bets. Attempting to bet on everything is a recipe
for disaster, mistakes and eventually losses. That is why you should try and find an area
that you can master, be an expert on and bet specifically on that race. Watch the races you intend to bet on, read
about them, learn them and bet only on those races. With time, you’ll become an expert and increase
your chances of winning on horse racing and specifically on the type of races that you
have mastered. Maintaining a Database
When you start specializing in a specific area and race, it’s important to maintain
and use a database to your advantage. You’re not just betting and wagering on
horses according to gut feeling, you’re betting smart, using numbers and statistics
that work for the long run. Write down all your views and notes on every
race. See if there’s some kind of pattern and
learn the numbers, so it will help you in future bets. There are even companies that offer ready-made
versions, which allow you to insert your own views alongside their own expert analysis. When you bet smart and use statistics, you
bet to win and profit, and that’s your main goal, apart from enjoying the race, the adrenaline
and the bets. Price Up Every Possible Race
This is essential to anyone who wishes to try and profit from betting on horses. Too many gamblers have lost their money, because
they bet what they fancy and a winner is a winner. The only way to form an accurate view of when
it is time to bet is to price up the races to 100%. Example: If you price up a three horse race
at Evens, 3-1 and 3-1, but the actual prices available are 6-4, 2-1, 5-2, then the “value”
lies in betting the 6-4 chance. Racing is not black and white, but it is still
an excellent habit to get into if you’re disciplined and don’t make too many bets. Be Patient and Wait When the Weather Changes
The Summer months of racing are traditionally the hardest for layers. The weather is usually dry and the ground
stays the same. However, when the weather changes, so do the
results. Be careful analyzing form on fast ground when
the actual race may be on soft. This is why there are bookmakers. The Shape of the Race
This may be the least considered but arguably the most important factor when analyzing a
race you intend to price up and wager on. Try to understand the run styles of the protagonists
and what suits them best. Example: If there are two headstrong frontrunners
in the race, both are liable to ruin each other up front and tee the race up for a hold
up horse. Similarly, if something is sure to get a soft
unpressed lead it is much more probable it will give its best running. A lot of this is a “feel” thing that will
come from experience of watching thousands of races. Just remember to always keep accurate notes
and learn from them to become an expert. Follow an In Form Small Yard over a Big Name
Stable Generally, the horses from the bigger, well
established yards tend to be overbet in relation to the form they have actually achieved. Try not to get carried away with this hype
and “info” and focus on what you have seen with your own eyes and learned from your own
database. Younger trainers just starting out tend to
be more up for the game than those that have already enjoyed success in the past. Example: “New” trainers such as Neil Mulholland
and Charlie Longsden have made excellent starts which the betting market has yet to reflect. Record Every Single Bet You Make and Review
Them Each Month Self-discipline is paramount and essential
for weeding out bad value bets. Again, you are going to bet smart and use
numbers, statistics and your database. In the long run, you’ll see that statistics
always wins, and so will you. So, record every single bet that you make,
and at the end of the month, review them all to see patterns, winnings, losses, and learn
from mistakes as well as duplicate successful bets. Never Bet Odds-On and Try to Find Each-Way
Value Try to avoid betting odds-on and focus mainly
on each-way opportunities. The hit rate needed when betting odds-on regularly
is very high, so, it is very hard to find any price advantage at this end of the market. It’s best to play in 8, 9 or 10 runner races
each-way where the terms are very much in the gambler’s favor. The Effect of the Draw
This is becoming more and more relevant to finding winners and is a constant source of
frustration to gamblers on the flat. More and more, for whatever reason, certain
parts of racecourses have faster strips of turf that see those horses drawn high or low
enjoy a huge advantage. It is important to record this bias and remember
it for future betting. Choose a Young Claiming Pilot over a ‘Star’
Often horses ridden by star “name” pilots are underpriced simply because gamblers believe
they have been booked because connections expect them to win. As is so often the case with successful betting,
staying away from the mainstream view is often the best option. Try and spot young riders who are strong and
decent judges of pace. With their claim (a reduction in weight the
horse has to carry because they have yet to ride a certain number of winners), they can
represent more value if you notice them before everyone else. Thank you for watching, enjoy our channel
as we will upload more useful and entertaining videos, betting tips, strategies and more. Also, don’t forget to check the description
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